Monday, 20 February 2012

Bulbs & Bunnies

Hello & welcome to my new follower!
Monday & the start of a New Week. The snow of the weekend has vanished & I wonder whether spring will make a renewed effort this week, an extra push to say "it's coming! Winter is nearly done!" At this stage of the year I am longing for spring; for the longer, lighter days, the awakening of our garden & of Nature beyond my garden fence. It is still cold out there, the wind is blowing gustily keeping most of the birds off the nearby rooflines today. Whilst little shoots are starting to emerge outside I couldn't resist buying some small pots of bulbs for indoors the other day.


Iris Reticulata, Tete-a-tete daffodils, Primrose, & Hycinths. I just couldn't resist them, especially as the cheerful little yellow pot of daffodil shoots was only 50p! Now if winter prevails outside for the next couple of weeks at least it will feel like spring in here :-)
My main project over the weekend was creating a new ami for the shop. My last new design was Briallen Bunny.
The last few that I have taken down there were "families", brother & sister of the same animal in two different sizes, so it seemed logical to make a brother for her. So here he is - Bryn Bunny!

 Turns out he is a fan of spring bulbs too!
 Full details of Bryn & Briallen & all my other amis can be found on my website please do sign my guestbook if you pop by for a visit!
Today I made a start on a new animal, so far I have a head & two ears but that is all I'm going to tell you for now - I hope you will stop by later in the week to meet him/her? Have a great week everyone!


  1. Ooo flowers, plants and bulbs are my weakness :-) Love all the pots, will this mean more pot cosies need crocheting, lol!

    Aww adorable bunnies, how sweet, I'm looking forward to seeing the new addition when it's done too :-)
    Lori xxx


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