Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Midweek Makes

Hello & thank you for dropping by! Today is cloudy, the wind is whistling down the chimney here & I can't quite believe it is Wednesday already - where is this week going? It is half term so the usual weekly routine is off, but as my youngest people are 17 now school holidays aren't what they were ten years or so ago. Then we would have been out & about with the dog or busy on the kitchen table with glue, paint, or any manner of creative mess - to be honest I rather miss all that! But one of the benefits of older offspring is that I have more creative time for myself & I certainly wouldn't have got hubbie's Valentines present finished in time otherwise. I finished the stitching Sunday night & then it got a wash in soap flakes & laid on a towel by the radiator to dry Monday. Yesterday I walked down to the High Street for a frame (we have a local shop with a brilliant frame selection) & it was all ready for hubbie when he came in from work last night.

This little guy is called Somebunny to Love & he is hubbies' favorite character. Well actually there is a boy Somebunny & a girl Somebunny & you will find them both appearing on here regularly - I have already made a start on a new one for our wedding anniversary next month ;-)
I was a bit more organised with the Valentines card this year as I wanted to try a new technique. Whilst out shopping a few weekends' ago I came across some table confetti in the shape of lovely little hearts & thought it would be perfect for a shaker card. I had seen an article in a card magazine about how to make these & had fancied trying it for a while, the acetate & sticky foam pads have been in my stash for ages. It really was quite simple to do and if you like the effect I would encourage you to go for it!
 For the shaker part I cut two identical heart shapes from the acetate using my Pazzle, but you could cut whatever shape you wanted by hand or with another die cutter etc. Then using tweezers I stuck 2mm double sided foam squares around the edge of the heart. These need to be as close together as you can get them so they form a wall & stop whatever you put in the middle to shake from coming out. I used a glue pen on the reverse side of the acetate & stuck it onto the pink swirly backing paper, Pritt stick & the glue pen I have both show through acetate even when dry so I made sure to keep all the glue hidden under the foam pads. I selected the different sizes & quantity of confetti that I wanted & placed it in the middle of the acetate heart & then peeled the backing papers off all the foam squares. The other acetate heart shape goes on the top so you have an "acetate & confetti sandwich" on the front of the card. At this point you can still see the foam pads through the acetate so you need to make a frame to fit over the top of your shape. I made mine from pink card, you want to cut it slightly larger than the acetate shape so that the edges are completely hidden. There you are - all done!
Before I go I have one last thing to share with you - the ripply goodness blanket :-) I am loving seeing these colorful ripples grow under my fingers:
I spent some very happy hours at the weekend adding to this & now I'm nearly to the half way point. One added bonus of it's growing length is the warmth it brings across my lap while I work on it, I have discovered making a blanket is just the perfect activity for these grey cold February days so if you have been thinking about starting one of your own I can heartily recommend it!
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Ooh your blanket is looking beautiful Helen! I'm very tempted to start one myself! Lovely Valentines card- what a great idea- thanks for the tutorial, I'll have to have a go sometime! Gorgeous Somebunny stitch, well done for getting it finished on time! I was finishing my goodies off on Tuesday morning while hubby was at work!! Laura x

    1. thanks Laura ;-) go for it with the blanket, it's a lovely snuggly job when the weather's like this! hope the tutorial makes sense, I've never tried writing one before, next time I will try & remember to take photos as I go ;-)Am going to hop over to your blog & see what you made... Helen x

  2. Gorgeous Somebunny!!! Good you got done on time too :-)
    The card is gorgeous, I like the look of those cards but my card making skills are rubbish, I prefer needles of all kinds to paper!
    The blanket has grown loads! Love the colours you used, I have always loved making blankets in the winter as they are wonderful and toasty while you're busy making them aren't they?
    Lori xx

    1. Thank you :-) Well I was pretty rubbish 18 months ago when I started playing with paper & I never thought I would manage one of these kind of things then, but it really was a lot simpler than I had thought it would be. Probably the fiddliest bit was sticking all the little 2mm double sided squares on! I would give it a try if you fancy it ;-) I can't say enough how much I am LOVING making the blanket & I think this is going to be a regular winter make now - how many blankets is too many? lol Have a great weekend! Helen xx

  3. Hi there...just admiring your ripple....I'm at that point myself with mine...turquoises and beige and many decisions as to what colour to put next...I'm working in Stylecraft....don't want to spend an arm and a leg but I find it a bit splitty.
    Best Wishes from a sunny but very cold Northern Ireland - bet it's colder where you are.

    1. Hi! Thank you, oooh those sound like lovely colors you're using :-) The deciding what comes next is fun isn't it? Sometimes I get a few ripples along the row & think "no not quite right" & pull it out & try something different are you finding that too? Most of the yarn in this is Hayfield Bonus Chunky, like you didn't want to spend a fortune & had some of what I wanted already in my stash. I find even the different colors can vary as to how splitty they are - weird huh? The two variegated yarns are Red Heart Super Saver & quite apart from the colors I am loving working with this! It seems to be constructed differently, it's rounder, more like a cord, & does not split at all! Feels totally different in your fingers too & is much quicker to work up, but it does have a rougher finished texture than the UK yarn. Enjoy your sunshine, it's grey & snowing on & off here today!


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