Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A sign of things to come?

It seemed a bit ironic that while half the country shivered & struggled with snowfall yesterday, here in the Highlands we had a beautiful spring day!
 As it was the day after the Superbowl Hubbie had the day off work, so after a somewhat later than usual start to the morning we set about a few jobs. I had bought some irises & snowdrops at the street market on Saturday & it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get them planted.
 It was warm enough to be out there without a jacket & as I put the snowdrops in I thought how lovely it would be to get an early start to the outdoor year this year. A lot of the plants only make it through the winter here because they are sheltered by the dead growth from last year, so there is a lot of tidying up & cutting back to do in the spring. But we probably have a lot more cold yet to come so I mustn't get too carried away yet... I contented myself with sorting out the edge of the bed here & weeding at the base of the apple tree where I had decided to put some of the irises. They will be joined by other flowering bulbs as spring progresses but it is nice to see some color out there now.
 I have had a trough on the kitchen window sill with cyclamen in it throughout the winter but they aren't flowering as much now so I thought the remaining irises should join them. There are some later flowering bulbs in this tub too, but I can't remember what I ended up putting in there so that will be a nice surprise! For now it will be enough to see a splash of color every time I through the window, especially when the weather reverts to it's normal grey!
To end the afternoon Hubbie & I took the dog for a walk to some local woods. It was beginning to get chilly & there was ice underfoot in places where the sun never reaches. There was beautiful color to be seen with the sun finding it's way through the trees & further on some lovely views from the edge of the woodland.

Today was a total contrast - we woke to freezing fog & frosty white grass - which is why it is important to make the most of the beautiful days when we get them. So today I stayed indoors working on a few ongoing projects. I also remembered to take a few photos of the project I worked on over the weekend using the lovely colors of yarn! I will share that with you soon, but in the meantime thought you might like to see a congratulations card I made on Friday for a good friend who has just got engaged.

I hope whatever the weather has been like where you are you have been enjoying the start to the week, stay warm folks!


  1. You are so lucky to be able to get out and get a bit done in the garden....I'm so jealous! I miss the spring flowers that we get in Scotland, over here (NY) we are lucky if spring lasts two weeks! All the poor daffs are just beginning to flower when summer hits and it's too hot for them - and us too!
    Love the card too!

    1. Getting a "garden day" was a real bonus for this stage of the year - not the norm! But I do love all the spring flowers & would really miss them. Do you think the lack of a proper spring is a fair trade for access to Michaels & Hobby Lobby where you live now though?!

  2. Ooo I love seeing little Spring flowers appearing :-) Pretty irises, love the purple!

    What a lovely sunny day you had for walking and gardening in.
    love Lori xx

    1. It marks a turning point in the year doesn't it? Purple is my favorite color too ;-) We haven't seen the blue sky again all week but that was a gorgeous day! Helen xx


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