Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring Color & Calico

Hello there!
I'm sorry I never got back to you last week, I finally succumbed to all the bugs going around the house & spent most of last week curled up on the couch feeling bleugh! The weather outside didn't help much, more of the grey & miserables, but today the clouds are more white than grey & I can even see a little bit of blue sky - yay! The pots I bought last week have been a real ray of sunshine, they have grown so much in just a week - in fact I'm sure if I stare at them long & hard enough I could watch the hycinths moving!

 Also enjoying the beautiful blooms is the little Tatty Teddy hubbie bought me for our special day a few weeks back. Which reminds me I still haven't gotten around to photographing the card I made him...

Isn't Nature wonderful? Such glorious colors! Soon the hycinths will be ready to open & perfume the whole room, I hope the last of my stuffy nose is gone by then so I can smell them! I'm also hoping for a nice sunny day this week to take the camera out into the garden & see what changes spring has wrought out there in the last week.
The other thing I want to share with you today is my new ami. I had a suggestion for designing this animal a while back along with the request to use bright colors but I just wasn't "feeling it" until I saw a particular orangey shade of Sirdar Calico yarn in a store in the city. I love working with Calico - it is more expensive than the yarns I generally use but it has such a beautiful peach skin softness to it. Who would have guessed that a blend of cotton & acrylic would result in such a silky soft product? The colors it comes in are beautiful too - they have a slightly washed look to them. Am I slightly obsessed? Yes I totally love this yarn! Using it for amis produces a very huggable,soft, & lovable character so I have decided to design some teddies made from this & call them my "Super Snuggly range". Here is the first one, Charley Cat!

Along with the orange yarn I used pink & purple Calico, black to embroider his nose & mouth, & black embroidery thread for his whiskers. His stripey blue ribbon collar has a little silver bell hung from a silver thread. Sitting sideways you can see his tail, tipped in pink to match his ears, muzzle, & body.
Here he is with Bryn Bunny - they make a colorful duo don't they?
 I'm not going to take Charley down to the Crafters shop just yet, I want to design & make a few more characters for this range (what a good excuse to keep playing with that lovely Calico!) and get some group shots of them all together. I think I'm going to have a busy week ahead! I hope you all have a lovely week too :-)


  1. Hope you are feling better. The spring flowers are gorgeous. I'm hoping that spring won't be too long in coming to NY!

    1. Thank you - I feel human again so that's always a good sign ;-) Hope your Spring arrives with March - can't believe that's another month just about done already!

  2. Hope you feel better quickly Helen, it sucks being ill!

    Love the spring flowers, I have two pots of primroses and a some white crocuses on my kitchen windowsill they are very cheery!
    Kitty is gorgeous, I too adore Calico yarn, the colours are so pretty :-)

    Lori xxxx

    1. Thanks Lori, feeling much better today ;-) Love crocuses, have lots planted outside starting to look good so hoping to get some pics of them this week. Glad to hear I'm not the only Calico obsessed gal out there lol!
      Helen xxxx


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