Thursday, 29 March 2012

A different kind of creating...

Hello there!
Sorry for the longer than usual gap between posts but it has been a bit mad here :0
I know, I can hear you saying "but isn't that normal in your house?" and yes, that would be a pretty accurate description, but I mean even more so than normal! Because, on top of everything else that is going on right now, and after an almost 10 year wait, we are getting a new kitchen!!!!!!! Can you taste my excitement? Can you feel my happiness? Is it sad to get so excited over new units & a tap? ;)We had wanted to replace the tired old kitchen as soon as we moved here but funds wouldn't allow, so along with most other things, it waited in line for a lick of paint & made do. But no longer! We ordered new units in the hope they would be delivered in time for hubbie's week off at Easter & they arrived last Tuesday :)
So the last week has seen the house taken over by a lot of boxes. The cardboard kind the flat pack units arrived in & a large assortment of others to house the contents of the old units we were ripping out. Oh yes, did I mention we are putting it in ourselves? Around about Saturday night I thought we must have been mad to start this, but I think that was just the tiredness catching up with me. I have been doing the essential housework & other jobs during the daytimes, making up new units, then having supper ready as close to hubbie getting home from work as possible so we can get started on a full evening of DIY. So after five days of finishing work near midnight and with hubbie struggling with the pipework to fit the new sink I was having my doubts as to our sanity... But Sunday dawned & after a few more hours work there was running water & a working kitchen sink again! YAY! We are now on the downward slope (hopefully no more nasty surprises) and I will post some pics of the finished result, but in the meantime here are a couple to give you a taster!

This was the first one I made up, I read all the instructions carefully & counted out every screw & weird looking hunk of metal that came out of the box - now I think I could do them in my sleep!
Before I go I also want to share with you the lovely surprise that arrived in the mail the other morning from my awesome friend Lori at Hippywitch Crafts 
This is the front...
....and this is the back. How cute is that????? I don't think these pictures really do all those perfect, tiny stitches justice - it is just gorgeous!!! If you haven't seen her work before you are in for a real treat - just follow the link here to her blog, she has details of her folksy & etsy shops & her facebook page on there too. She also sent me a lovely card - and it's not even my birthday! When "normality" returns here I am going to find a special place to hang my wee mushroom house...
Well hopefully I will be back soon to fill you in on some of the other things that have been happening around here recently. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a lovely rest of your week :)


  1. Lovely mushroom! Lori is so clever :-) Fab news about the kitchen, I'm impressed that you're doing it yourselves! I look forward to seeing the results! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine. Laura x

  2. Fab mushroom, Lori is so clever! Great news about the kitchen, I'm impressed that you're doing it yourselves! I look forward to seeing the finished results. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine. Laura x

  3. Doh, sorry for posting twice!! Blogger was being very odd so I typed the message again and then the original one reappeared?! Technology eh!

    1. LOL! I so enjoy your comments & am happy that you take the time to post them ;) Kitchen pics will be a couple of weeks yet I think...
      Have a great week!
      Helen x

  4. Glad you liked the mushroom :-) That looks like a lot of work doing the kitchen, it'll look fabulous when all finished though! Think of the money you're saving too doing it yourselves!
    Lori xxx

    1. It puts a big smile on my face every time I see it :) It will be great when the kitchen's done, we probably couldnt have afforded to have it done by someone else but we just aren't the kind of folks who really consider that as an option anyways - too hands on!! Have a great week :)
      Helen xxx


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