Monday, 19 March 2012

Mother's Day

Hello there!
Just a quick post tonight to share some Mother's Day goodies with you all :) I've had a lovely day thanks to my three offspring & my hubbie, here's a collage of the lovely pressies I recieved: 

Aren't I lucky? I had breakfast cooked for me, followed by some of my pressies, and then spent most of the day getting on with jobs in the garden (kept well supplied with cups of tea!). The sun shone for much of the day and when it was out it was actually quite pleasantly warm :) I was able to work in the greenhouse when the rainclouds came over & pop back out again when they passed, there's something special about hearing the raindrops on the greenhouse roof again after a long winter of not being out there. Hubbie cooked a big and very yummy roast dinner for us all and my eldest son & his other half came to help us eat it & deliver more pressies. All in all a pretty near perfect day *big contented sigh*... 
Before I go I also want to share with you the card I made for my mother:
It's not the sharpest photo I'm afraid, but by the time I realised this it was already in the mail on it's way to her! This is the gift I stitched to go with it:
I hope all of you celebrating Mother's Day today have also had a special day filled with lots of good things, and the rest of you all had a lovely weekend too. Well after a day off today it will be back to all the usual jobs tomorrow morning, I wish you all a happy & productive week! 


  1. Gorgeous card! Your collage isn't showing up though so I can't see all your goodies!

    I've given you a blog award :-)

    love Lori xx

  2. I don't know why it seems to have a problem with the collages, the last one I tried to post "fell off" after a few hours too :/ I reloaded it & hopefully it will stay put now? Oh technology lol!
    Thank you soooo much for the award :D I will have to go work out how they work now ;) Have a great week!
    love Helen xxx


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