Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Monthly Makes - March

Hello! Before we get any further into April I thought I should post my March collage. Looking at it I realise there are several items in it that I haven't previously gotten around to sharing with you - sorry, I don't know where March ran away to! So first off is the card I made for hubbie for our wedding anniversary:
We were obviously thinking along the same lines because this is the one he bought for me:
Isn't that cute? He bought me chocolate, a beautiful tin with chocolate chip cookies in, & came home with flowers too! Talk about spoilt huh? I need to find just the right crafty things to keep in the tin but for now it is sitting on the piano where I keep looking at it & smiling ;)
 I made him another Somebunny to Love to join the collection (well two bunnies actually) & due to a few other things it wasn't finished and framed until a few days (well ok a week) after our anniversary. He didn't mind, he loves them whenever they arrive he says ;) The design is called "Pot Luck" and was in a Crossstitcher magazine a few years back.
 My other big finish of the month was the Ripply Goodness throw.
I think I have mentioned a few times how much I have loved making this, but it is nice to look across & see it on the couch & even nicer to snuggle under it! At some point I shall be making more of these with different colors as the requests from family are mounting up, but I'm planning on starting a different kind of blanket soon, I have some ideas floating around in my head but I'm determined to finish off a couple of other projects before starting something new...
I have nearly finished the baby blanket, all 80 squares are complete & now I'm working on joining them all up. Hopefully I will be able to show you a finished pic of this one soon :-)
Another first this month was the two sympathy cards I made for my mom's cousins on the passing of their mom (my great aunt). I really wasn't sure about sending handmade cards but just couldn't find anything I liked in the shops. My great aunt was not at all religious & any other cards I saw had really inappropriate words so I got my stamps out & had a play. My great aunt loved nature, studied geology, & was one of two people in my childhood who had a great love of gardening which influenced me so I thought these designs were appropriate.

I have also been making Easter cards, I can share some of them with you here now, but the rest will need to wait until next week. In fact I still have a couple left to make so am off to go get on with them. I will leave you with my March collage (hopefully the pic stays put this time!) - have a great week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It does seem to mount up when you look at it like this doesn't it?!

  2. Lovely round up! The ripple blanket looks fantastic and I love all the cards. The sympathy ones are really lovely, I'm sure they were appreciated. Laura x

    1. Thanks Laura! I've learnt LOADS making my first blanket but there's something very satisfying about snuggling under a blanket you made yourself so I'm looking forward to learning more on the next one... Helen x

  3. Busy month! Love the tin!!! He done good finding that and filled with biscuits too, can't lose :-)
    Gorgeous cards, the sympathy ones are perfect. I loved my gorgeous Easter card, thank you so much!
    I can see why the blanket is getting requests now, it turned out so pretty
    Lori xxx

    1. I've filled the tin with my every day stitching kit so I have an excuse to leave it lying around the place lol
      Glad you like the card ;) Thank you for my beautiful butterfly one - it's next to the lovely flowers one you sent me!
      Helen xxx


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