Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Playing with buttons!

Hello hello! Today is a grey, rainy day here and it's hard to believe we're mid week in the second week of the Easter holidays already! This week hubbie is off work too so the house seems extra full, people, animals, and noise everywhere & no routine whatsoever. We tend to do Jobs when hubbie has time off, either lots of those little ones we never get around to normally, or bigger projects we want a few full days in a run to tackle so this leaves very little time for my regular activities and also Not Much Brain Power on my part by the end of the day! But I want to start catching you up on some of the activity around here while hubbie is finishing off one last job in the kitchen (yes, I think we're almost finished in there!!!! YAY!!!).
Today I thought I would show you how I spent a few fun filled hours the other Friday, and share with you the other Easter cards I made. I'm not claiming this as an original idea, I do occasionally buy cardmaking magazines so I might well have seen this in one of them or on a web page somewhere, but I didn't copy it directly. I was having a cardmaking session & needed something to fill a space & thought "buttons!" (You know, like you do?) They looked a bit plain in the space on the card so I went to my drawer of paper punches and this is what I came up with...
Rather cute huh? So after I used a few to finish off that card I decided to make a card featuring them. I thought I would show you how I made it in case you fancied playing with some buttons too :) 
To start off with I picked out all my tiny buttons & selected some different colored papers.
 I used a flower shaped paper punch to cut out a few shapes from each color and then had a play with the different colored buttons on the various colored flower shapes.  
I used glue dots to stick the buttons in place. Now I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with glue dots. They can be just the thing for so many jobs but often I find they have a mind of their own as to where they want to stick, maybe it's just me but they seem to prefer hanging on to the backing paper & then clinging onto my fingers instead of going where I'm trying to get them? Well after mangling several of them I found the easiest way to get them on the buttons was to stick the button on to the dot when it was on the roll & then "encourage" it with a finger nail to leave the backing paper... 
I decided they looked better with the petals curled up round the button like this, I don't know how well they will travel through the mail without flattening, but maybe for long distances I will try posting them in a padded envelope?
Next another play, this time to get a nice mix of the colors & a suitable shape to suggest a bouquet. Then I cut out a rectangle of green pearlescent card to stick them onto and a piece of pale blue paper cut to represent the vase or base of the bouquet and glued it altogether. I used my Pritt stick for the paper shape & used PVA glue to stick the flowers onto the green card, I couldn't face messing with the glue dots & risk ripping the paper backs of the flowers :/ (told you it was love/hate!) 
It was a very sunny afternoon and the sun was streaming in through the window above my craft space which was extra lovely as I haven't sat there under these conditions very often before! But I found out afterwards that it meant the colors in the photos didn't come out very well. Apparently this is due to White Balance and you can correct it on digital cameras, the Lion Brand blog had a very informative article on photographing your work the other day which you can find HERE  but you will have to believe me on the pale green & blue in these photos. I took another picture the following day of the finished card in different conditions and the colors came out truer to life but my new task is to find out how to actually make white balance work on my camera!
Anyway back to the card. I thought the pale blue shape looked a bit bare so I found some matching blue paper string, tied a bow in it & stuck it on with a glue dot behind the knot in the bow.
I picked some green polka dot paper from my stash & cut a rectangle to fit on a white 5" x 7" card. Then I cut out some pretty paper bunting from a free download at The making spot blog and glued it across the top of the card like so... 
The final step was to mount the green pearlescent card topper underneath the bunting using double sided sticky tape. One finished card which I sent to my great friend Lori :-)  

Just before I go here are some of the other Easter cards I made for family & friends (again the colors are a bit washed out looking due to the lovely sunshine!)...

I hope you have all had a lovely Eastertime? Next time I will tell you about some of the other things that have been going on here over this Easter holidays - until then have a great day & thank you for dropping by!


  1. Now, how cute is this? Awesome. It is a good thing we live so far apart or I would be broke buying all your cute things~~ Hugs!

    1. Aww, thanks! Well I guess there's a plus to all those miles if you look hard enough for it ;) Hugs back!
      Helen xx

  2. You make such cute and pretty cards!

  3. My gorgeous card!! I can tell you the flowers didn't flatten too badly in the envelope :-)

    Lots of gorgeous cards you made there, you been busy!

    Lori xx

    1. Thanks Lori that's good to know :)
      Hope you don't mind seeing it at all the stages like this but I had so much fun playing with the buttons (can you tell? lol) I just had to share it!
      Helen xx

  4. Beautiful cards!!! How creative. I love it!

    1. Thanks Heather, have a great day ;)


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