Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Scottish Spring

Hello there and welcome especially to my new followers!
Today is the first day of a new term, young folks back to school, hubbie back to work, & it is pouring with rain. For once I really don't mind, I had no intentions of going out today, this day is for being in the house & relishing the peace & quiet & space. The holidays were so busy, so jam packed with people and activity, it is refreshing to sit & listen to the rain, the hum of the washing machine, & the dog softly snoring. The weather has been very mixed over these holidays, we have had some days of warm sunshine followed two days later by snow (!) and grey windy rainy days thrown in too just in case we forgot what they were like ;) The kitchen work was declared officially finished last week & I will post some photos from that later, but we also managed to spend some time working in the garden, so today I thought I would share some of that with you.
 The greenhouse, unbubblewrapped, cleaned out & ready for a new growing season!
A new faerie to join the group...
Penn Dragon & Melissa Faerie enjoying some spring warmth. 
The sun shining through the daffodils at the foot of the apple tree.
Red tulips almost translucent in the sunlight.
More tulips, sorry but I love them :)
Tiny pale blue muscari bells.
Gorgeous globes of drumstick primulas.
 White amelanchier blossom against a blue sky.
Hoverfly busy on the pear blossom.
Pippa enjoying the warmth of the earth at the base of the cherry tree.
 The moon in a clear blue spring sky.
First flowers on the camelia.
Twisty corylis contorta branches will soon be hidden by the leaves beginning to burst from the buds. 

Winter returns - the daffodils faceplant in the snow.
Drumstick primulas recieve an icy coating. 
Muscari shiver in the cold.
It won't be barbeque for supper tonight...
...and we won't be planting the potatoes here today either, so I guess it's back to the kitchen!
Well whatever weather today throws at you I hope it doesn't spoil your plans... Thank you for dropping by and for those of you who take the time to comment, I really do appreciate it! I will be back soon to tell you all about my lovely new kitchen (yes it was worth all the hard work & chaos!) but for now a cuppa & some crochet are calling me :)


  1. Brilliant as always girl...I just love your garden be it snow covered or blooming!! xox

    1. Thanks Cathy, would be great if you could visit it (& me) in person one day! xox

  2. We are the same here. Such changeable weather. I have bravely planted a few seeds so am hoping the white stuff stays away now. What gorgeous plants and flowers you have x

    1. Hope your seeds do well, what did you pick? Thank you, I'm a bit addicted to plants too to be honest ;)

  3. All your poor flowers! They looked so pretty and lovely in the sun, I hope they mostly survived the snow. Hope you had a lovely peaceful day with everyone out again :-)
    Lori xxx

    1. I know! I was most sad about the daffys, I cut most of them & brought them in to enjoy in the front room. Most everything else seemed to be ok when the snow melted thankfully! Yes, I'm having a much calmer week than of late ;)
      Helen xxx


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