Monday, 23 April 2012

Winnie the Pooh & the b-e-a-u-tiful buttons!

Hello hello! It's the start of another new week, April is really whizzing by isn't it? As our daughter-in-law's due date fast approaches I am trying to ensure I finish some of the projects I have in mind for this little fella before he arrives (my daughter's birth sampler wasn't finished until she was 12!). I haven't been able to stitch as much as I would like recently due to my migraines playing up, but last week I did manage to finish something for the nursery wall. They have picked a Winnie The Pooh theme for baby's room & I saw this chart on ebay & couldn't resist...
A map of the Hundred Acre Wood as pictured in the front of the books! Here are some close up shots of it...

 Although the chart has instructions for stitching it on 14 count aida I chose to use 28 count evenweave, in part to give it a an older feel, but also because the dotted line footpaths that trail all round it consist of half stitches. If I had used 14 count aida I would have had to pierce each aida block, but because it is stitched over two threads on the evenweave there is no block to pierce - much easier! I also changed a few of the colors, I used blue around the POOH compass in the top left hand corner instead of pink, and used two different greens for the trees to give it a more spring like feel. The stitched design measures around 10.5" by 8". I can't frame it just yet as my daughter-in-law is also a stitcher & has stitched a lovely picture from the Winnie The Pooh watercolor range for the nursery so we will need to pick a coordinating frame for this one.
Like many crafters I do enjoy the diversity of materials available these days through the internet. Last week I decided to go button hunting as the selection available locally really wasn't fitting the bill. I found just what I was after on ebay, but while I was searching I saw some other ones that I just fell in love with. I had never come across buttons quite like these before & my mind started racing with ideas for using them. So I just had to order some, and to my great delight some of them arrived the other morning! 
Now my family know how to make all the right noises when shown craft materials, they really are very tolerant of my inability to pass an open craft shop & appreciative of the finished projects I produce. But when I was oohing & ahhing over the new buttons singing a little song of " b-e-a-u-tiful buttons" I got the look reserved for over excited younger children. I didn't care. I took them upstairs & photographed them so I could share them with you :) Here are the ones I originally went button hunting for...
A big pile of 9mm round brightly colored buttony goodness...
  ...and some little flower shaped ones that are slightly bigger.
Then I saw these little wooden butterflies... 
 Aren't they cute? Oh I'm going to have fun with these! But the trouble really started when I saw these ones... 
 Hand painted wooden flowers - just gorgeous! Here, have a closer look...
Sorry it's a bit blurry, I've been having issues with the camera this weekend. My heart just does a little skip of happiness every time I look at them :) Oh they also come in heart shaped...
How beautiful are they? *Big contented sigh*
Five little boxes of b-e-a-u-tiful buttons! 
I have so many ideas for these, I can't wait to start using them :) I am going to try & be good & finish off something else for the baby first, with the emphasis on "try" ;)
Thank you for visiting me here today, I hope you all have a good start to your week & come back in a few days to see what else I've been up to!


  1. those are really cute buttons Helen.

    1. I knew folks on here would understand lol! Have a great week ;-)

  2. I love the map of hundred acre wood! It's brilliant! And wow all those lovely buttons- I can definitely sympathise with drooling over buttons!! Hehe. Hope you're having a good week, Laura x

    1. thanks Laura! I thought there might be a few folks here who would "get" my button mania lol Must come by your blog & see what you've been up to...
      Helen x

  3. Love the Winnie the Pooh, what a fabulous design! I found a huge hard back book in my local charity shop of the complete Winnie the Pooh a few weeks ago, brand new and only 31.50 :-) Had to have it!
    Oh yes, those buttons are glorious! Love the bright colours and the wooden ones are so pretty.
    Lori xx

    1. Thank you! Oh wow yes you couldn't pass on that!
      Need to be good & finish a few things off before starting to play with the buttons lol
      Have a great week,
      Helen xxx

  4. WOW these buttons are so charming.Where do you get that buttons.Pooh Baby Shower

    1. I found them all on ebay, most came from this UK seller
      but some of the hand painted ones came from this seller in China
      Hope this helps?

  5. Hi im not sure if you will still see this as ur last post is nearly 2 years ago! i love the pattern of 100 acre wood and I too have a pooh bear theme for my babys nursery i have looked on ebay and on google but cant seem to find the pattern (im in the UK) if you still have the pattern could you contact me on my email niqueee84
    at hot mail dot com (i spaced the email out incase it wont post x ty)

    1. Hello! I'm still posting here, thank you for your visit :-) Ebay was where I found this pattern as I believe it is out of print? I'm afraid I don't have it any longer, I passed it on & that lady has also passed it on... I hope you can track it down somewhere as it is a fun stitch, sorry I can't be more help,

    2. Thank you for a response, what a shame, i have looked on eBay a few different times but with no luck! But i will keep trying, persistence is my middle name lol Thanks again x


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