Monday, 14 May 2012

Booties & Bunnies

Hello there and welcome! This morning it's bright but cold - boy has it been wild out there this weekend! At least the rain has stopped for now, the grass is very squelchy underfoot & it's still pretty windy but I'm hoping it will be good drying weather for the laundry mountain I need to tackle today... 
With the weather not really being conducive to garden jobs this weekend I was able to carry on with some crochet without a guilty conscience :) First off I finished the baby booties to go with the hooded cardigan from last week...
 Aren't they cute? The pattern is from the Spring 2012 Crochet Today Baby & Kids Book which I found in WHSmiths a few weeks back when I was in the city. 
I'm hoping little one's feet don't grow too quickly as the pattern came in just the one size! By the time I was making the second one it was making sense to me so maybe I would try making a bigger size from it at some point? There are quite a few lovely patterns I fancy trying in that magazine but, as always with the American patterns, it can be challenging finding the equivalent yarn over here. We don't have the widest selection available locally so I tend to pick up a few balls here or a few balls there to try out some of the UK brands when we come across a yarn store on our travels. 
Recently I saw a cute pattern for a baby buddy blanket on the Lion Brand website. If you haven't visited that yet then I highly recommend it - thousands of free crochet & knitting patterns available to download ;) I didn't have the required type of yarn in my stash but figured I would try making it in Sirdar Calico because it has a lovely cuddly, soft texture. Sure it would come up a little smaller, but even half the stated size would be 12" long so I reckoned that would be just fine. After all these are blankets for cuddling & sleeping with not under, a cross between a teddy & a blanket along the lines of Linus' from Charlie Brown. So I printed the pattern out & armed with my 4mm hook & a pale blue ball of calico sat down to make a start. When I reached the half way point in the pattern I realised I might have a problem - it was no way going to make 12"! It was tiny! OK, so less than half the thickness of yarn does not equal half the finished size!! The plus side was it was a quick finish but it wasn't really what I had been hoping for... 
Whoops! So yesterday as the wind howled down the chimney I dug out some of the blue chunky yarn I used in the Ripply Goodness blanket. That is also a Sirdar yarn, their Bonus Chunky which is 100% acrylic & beautifully soft. I looked out my biggest hook - an N which I picked up last summer on our travels - it felt so heavy & huge in my hand!  
It didn't take long to get used to though, &, despite a lot of interruptions, the bigger bunny was finished just after supper last night...
Here he is with his tiny friend... 
I think they make quite a cute pair!
If nothing else it was a good exercise on thickness of yarn = eventual size and along with the gauge trials for the baby cardigan last week I'm learning a lot at the moment!  
I have another Lion Brand pattern lined up to make for baby, but this time I have managed to source some (hopefully) comparable yarn. I will let you know how that works out! In the meantime I'm off to finish another square for the Flower Garden blanket - this will make sixteen big squares, so just eight more to go! 
Thank you for dropping by & visiting me today, I hope this is the start of a wonderful week for you!


  1. Absolutely adorable!! lol...I love you tiny bunny...and those boots are just so funny! I agree, its so hard to find the equivalent of the American yarn...I soooo miss it!! All the variegates I use to get and the ones that had the sparkly softness...Dazzle Aire, thats what it was was heck to try and unravel, but it was just so once again for a great blog!

    1. Thank you ;) Oh just add it to the long list of stuff I miss... think I might have found a nice worsted weight yarn now though, more to follow! It doesn't have the range of beautiful variegated colors tho'...

  2. I adore those converse! How sweet are they!

    Love the bunnies in two sizes :-) They do make a lovely pair. If the yarn is too thin you could try using two strands together, I do this for rugs and it makes a nice chunky yarn. The bonus is you can mix two colours together and create something different!

    Lori xxx

    1. Thank you :) That is a great idea with the yarn, I like the idea of getting a unique coloring. I wonder what thickness you would need to combine to get an aran weight yarn? I have tried 2x DK in the past & it came out too chunky for the project I was working on.
      Any ideas? Have a great week!
      Helen xxx

  3. Gorgeous projects!! I'll definitely be adding the bunnies to my 'to do' list :D Laura x

    1. Thanks Laura! The bunnies work up really quickly no matter which size you do, would love to see yours ;) Have a great week!
      Helen x


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