Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Crafty goings on...

Hello there! Finally some seasonal weather has reached us up here in the north :) Today I'm taking a little break from the weeding to catch you up on some crafty goings on. Firstly there are some cards I can share with you now, a birthday card for one of my brothers...
Two graduation cards, one for my cousins' son who graduated high school the other week, the other for my cousin who has just graduated with honours from her teaching degree - way to go! 

 I picked materials for each card in the appropriate school colors, and used themed buttons for the football playing teenager & a cheerleader stamp colored in with Promarkers for my cousin. Lastly on the card front, a get well card for one of my uncles who had major surgery the other week... 
I was aiming for something bright, cheery, & easily visible (!) so decided to give the Pazzle another try. I used it to cut the message out of blue card & then glued strips of four coordinating papers to the reverse. I matted it on turquoise textured card & mounted it on a plain white card, adding four silver Candi's to the corners.
I have also been working on the Flower Garden Blanket for my daughter and can happily say I'm nearing completion on this one! Not that I'm not still enjoying it - I am! - but it's exciting to see all those brightly colored little squares growing & becoming a blanket :) I like to have one smaller project on the go at the same time as a big one, so having finished the baby clothes I decided to pick something different to make for the little one (he still hasn't put in an appearance by the way!). I saw a toy project on the Lion Brand website that really appealed to me but I would need to source some equivalent yarn in the UK as the final size mattered on this one. I don't know if it is a UK wide problem, but up here any acrylic Aran yarn I have managed to find has been very traditional (boring) colors - oatmeal, mushroom, cream, grey, maybe a forest green if you're lucky. It leaves my soul longing for the bright reds, yellows, blues, & greens I saw in the aisles of Walmart, Michaels, & Hobby Lobby lst summer! I'm not very keen on using yarn with a high wool content as we tend to sensitive skin in our family but I was tempted to try two large balls of Robin Aran in baby blue and chocolate brown which has a 25% wool content. Then I found a small selection of Sirdar Supersoft Aran in a local store & upon checking online found it is available in 23 yummy colors! Ebay helped me find an online supplier offering free post & packing and I was off!
 I also found a paler minty green in the large 400g size that I had to have :)
It didn't all arrive in one parcel, the magic was spread over a few days - ooohhh what colors did the postie bring today? But the end result is a gorgeous, colorful, pile of oh so soft & snuggly aran yarn that puts a big soppy grin on my face every time I see it :) 

I couldn't wait to start using it to make the toy for baby and I wasn't disappointed -  I think I might have found my favorite yarn, the Sirdar Supersoft is almost as soft and beautiful to work with as their Calico yarn but cheaper! YAY! I'm making no apologies for getting this excited about yarn - I know some of you are right there with me on this one ;)  Some of the colors I had ordered are for the next blanket project (yes, I'm on to thinking about that while I finish off my daughter's one). These are the colors I'm using for the baby toy...
It's working up really well, so hopefully I will be able to share some photos of the finished item with you next week... One last parcel arrived this morning (oh Ebay you tempt me too much!) so now I am officially on a Yarn Diet!!! And an Ebay break!! 
Well it's back to the weeding for me while this weather lasts - I hope you are enjoying sunny days wherever you are :) 


  1. Your cards are great! Love the colour of your wool, isn't it nice when the parcels are spread over a few days. Have fun knitting!

    1. Thank you Rhona! I think our postie wonders sometimes but it's good to know I'm doing my bit to keep the Royal Mail going hee hee ;)

  2. Oh yes Helen! I also get excited over colors and if the texture is soft I am in heaven! I keep waiting for someone to pop out and say "Please dont squeeze the yarn" like the toilet paper advert back home about "please dont squeeze the Charmin"...! Cant wait to see the toy!! xox

    1. LOL! I'm going to be seeing that every time I'm looking at yarn now ;) xox

  3. whoops, forgot to comment on the cards...I love them as well! LOL

  4. Gorgeous cards, the get well one looks very cheerful.

    Ooooooo all that gorgeous yarn to play with!! You should see the heap at the side of my chair at the moment, I was looking and thinking this is getting embarrassing, think I need to put a lot of it away in the boxes but it's a lovely colourful mountain! I can't wear or use wool, even a tiny amount itches me to hell so acrylic and cotton it is for me too. Look forward to seing what toy you've made :-)

    Enjoy the sun!
    Lori xxx

    1. Thanks Lori :) See I knew you would get it!! What are your plans for your colorful mountain?? It's a shame to hide it away so I bought see through plastic crates to keep my piles of yarn in, that way I can still see the lovely colors & enjoy them but keep them pet hair free ;)
      Helen xxx


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