Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wednesday snapshot

Hello there! Today we are having a day of sunshine & showers and apparently it's a Wednesday. I say apparently because between the Bank Holiday & my young folks now being on study leave I am completely out of all routine! "All at sixes & sevens" my Nan would've said. Study leave is unlike school holidays in a few major ways; for large chunks of time the house is deathly quiet to the point where you can forget there are other people still lurking in their rooms until they need refuelling and come in search of food, then other times it is quiet because one or both really are out - gone up to the school for an exam or to see a teacher, or study with friends. You never truly know when one, or both, might reappear or what kind of mood they might be in when they do! Oh the joys of teenagers!!! So yes, it is Wednesday already. All day.
Time to escape to the garden & make the most of a spell of sunshine...
The last of the daffodils are joined by the giant snowflakes beneath the apple tree...

These are a fairly recent addition to the garden, but I love the delicate little green markings on the tips of the petals & seeing their heads nodding in the breeze! 
 I rescued this little guy from the kittens...
 We have a "nasty" caterpillar that looks a bit like him, but having checked online this one is a good guy - he will grow into a Tiger Moth if he survives and in his current form he eats weeds!
Pippa wasn't very pleased with me taking her "toy" away... Well you win some you lose some pussy cat!
 The peony has lots of these fat buds waiting for a little bit more warmth to burst open.
The bluebells are beginning to flower at the front door. They look a bit squashed still from the late snow we had in April but hopefully they will recover ok.
The last garden photo for today is of the Montana clematis which is also very close to flowering. Despite the recent hail showers (!) it is just covered in these pinky white buds which look so close to bursting open...
 As well as spending time outside this last week I have been busy making things too; some cards and a stitchy project for an upcoming birthday that I can't share with you just yet, and another project for the expected baby that I can!
Recently I spotted some yarn & thought it would be perfect for making something for him but wasn't too sure what. My daughter-in-law reckons he is well stocked for blankets so we decided I would try tackling a little cardigan. The first pattern I tried was not a success, I pulled it all out on the fifth row thinking that even if I could manage to work out what it meant it was never going to be an easy, relaxing project to work on!
I went back online & found a great pattern on Ravelry Here. You have to sign up to the Bernat site to download it but it's free & straightforward to do & I'm looking forward to exploring the other free patterns they have on there. I used one and a bit balls of the main color, the white with the two tone blue flecks, & a little bit of the brighter blue contrast color...
It was a bit of a futter sorting the gauge out - I've never crocheted anything where the gauge mattered before - but after that it was pretty much plain sailing. I will happily make this again in other colors or sizes if my daughter-in-law likes it.
I also got to use five of my new buttons :) 
Here's one last photo of the whole cardigan (thank you for indulging me but I'm really quite chuffed with it, especially as I've only been crocheting for 13 months!) ;) 
Now I'm busy working on some booties to go with it... watch this space! 
Thank you for dropping by today, I hope you are enjoying some sunny spells wherever you are... have a great week!


  1. Wonderfully refreshing as always Helen - keep up the good work :)

  2. Love it Helen. Mira


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