Saturday, 30 June 2012

A concert & a castle

Hello again! Today I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about our recent travels south. The main event which prompted this trip was a concert in Sunderland. I had planned on stitching three of these t- shirts for hubbie, daughter, & myself to wear to the stadium but in the end I only had time to stitch this one for my daughter... 
Any guesses who we went to see? ;-) It was an amazing experience, something I have dreamed of doing since I was a teenager :-)
We also spent a (mostly) dry day exploring Alnwick castle and gardens which has been used in many film & television productions, possibly most famously as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the first two Harry Potter films.

 My daughter was in seventh heaven, she declared her inner nerd was completely freaking out!!!

Overall the castle was very interesting with a lot of history to learn about (it has been in the same family for over 700 years and is still their home in the winter).
I want one of these signs!!! I think maybe I need to cross stitch just the last part for our house to hang near Kryst? ;)
Despite the overcast day & the rain never being far away the gardens were just beautiful...



There were a lot of different water features... 

...a poison garden complete with witches hut at the entrance -
As the guide pointed out health and safety wouldn't allow visitors to enter the hut because of the fire, yet we were allowed on a guided tour up close & personal with some of the deadliest plants on the planet! Go figure!! Rather appropriately one of the plants they are growing is Mandragora ;) Daughter's inner nerd was freaking out some more but thankfully she felt no inclination to pull it up & see what was lurking beneath the soil!
There was also a huge treehouse which houses a restaurant amongst it's rooms and walkways.

It was really spectacular inside but I didn't take pictures as the restaurant was packed & I didn't think the diners would appreciate having photographs of them stuffing their faces posted online!
Next to the obligatory gift shop is a plant center where they sell many of the plants you can see in the gardens here, so I brought a little part of Alnwick home with us ;) We all had a great day here so even if you have no interest in the Harry Potter side to this place I think it is well worth a visit.
Well it is currently dry outside so I think it's time I went & did some jobs in our garden, thank you for dropping by today - have a great weekend whatever you are doing!


  1. Oh wow! I wanted to go see the Castle before, but this has made me REALLY want to go! lol...and I loved your sewing on your shirt, it looks brilliant! Mark said that was typical health and safety! LOL...Thanks for the great pictures!!

    1. You should definitely go for a visit Cathy! Glad you liked the pics ;)xoxo

  2. We're going to Bamburgh for a week towards the end of July- I love it there! We've been to Alnwick castle and the gardens before but we're going again!! The poisons garden is amazing and as a huge Potter nerd I'm excited about seeing the castle again!! The stitched t-shirt is fantastic!! Glad you all had a great time :-) Laura x

    1. Ooohhh that sounds great - hope the weather is good for your trip! I thought you might have been to Alnwick before - I will be able to picture you there at the end of the month ;) Helen x


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