Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Monthly Makes - May

Hello there! Somehow here we are in June already so here's my monthly round up collage from last month...
As you can see from the card selection, not many birthdays this month but some other special occasions to celebrate instead. Looking at this I realise just how "baby dominated" this month has been! Apart from the flower circle blanket for my daughter all the crochet has been for Baby H... I have one more project on the go for him (I can't say "one last thing" as I already have some ideas of things I want to make him for Christmas - hee hee!) but after this I will be making a few things for other people...
I have been missing my stitchy bug a bit this month - he hasn't wandered off for this long in AGES! - and it's very strange to not feel that urge to stitch... Despite this I did manage to complete a few smaller projects along with the larger Winnie the Pooh map which now hangs on Baby H's wall. I have quite a bit of cross stitch lined up for the next wee whiley so I'm hoping my bug returns from his travels soon! 
Well that was May - here's to a creative, productive June for us all! 


  1. Lovely makes, there's my card and fab pincushion :-)Hope the bug comes back soon, mine is slowly returning I've had a good afternoon doing embroidery which was fun!
    Love the blanket, very colourful!

    Lori xxx

    1. Thanks Lori ;) Oooh looking forward to seeing your embroidery :) have a great week!
      Helen xxx


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