Thursday, 28 June 2012

A sortie south to England & crafty goodies!

Hello and welcome! Today has been another miserable wet grey day so I have been busy playing with lamps, a plastic crate, & my camera in an effort to better capture the colors in my craftwork.
Not exactly what I had planned when I woke up this morning but I wanted to be able to share some of my new crafty goodies with you & one thing led to another...
Last week hubbie, daughter, & I headed south for a short break in Northumberland. We stayed with an old school friend of mine who I haven't seen in years so it was lovely to finally catch up. I also got to spend a morning with my wonderful crafty friend Lori :) Oh how I wish we didn't live 290 miles apart - it's a bit too far to pop in for a coffee & a natter every week! 
My family indulged me with stops at three craft shops, firstly the quaintly named Dainty Supplies where my bargains included stamps, papers, lots of ribbons... 

Doesn't this one go perfectly with these cute little buttons from my stash?

little eyes for amis...
& some teeny tiny jingly bells...

Next came Kemps wool shop where I could have happily stayed all day gazing dreamily at the huge variety of beautiful yarn ;-) In the end I settled on some Patons Fab DK...

Rowan Yarn Cotton Jeans which was in the clearance bin at 99p a ball :-)
And some Baby Care Prints by Woolcraft from the same range as the yarn I used for the baby cardigan last month.
I thought I was very restrained - but if this were just around the corner from me.... lets just say there would be way more than two towers of plastic crates holding my yarn stash!!! We also stopped at Hobbycraft in Edinburgh on the way home where I bought a couple of stamps, two reduced price books (which Hubbie took away to give me for my birthday next month) & some more storage for my stash...

I will tell you some more about the rest of our trip next time - I'm off to play with some of my new goodies ;)


  1. WOW what gorgeous stash Helen!! I particularly like the photo of your colourful storage boxes, lovely!

    1. Thanks Laura, I knew folks here would appreciate it more than my family ;) Hobbycraft had 20% off the plastic storage so they were under £6 each - bargain! :) Helen x

  2. SO you were good at Kemps then :-) I have tons of that Cotton Jeans, it's just mad that it's 99p! As you know I am five minutes away and it's really dangerous, lol!

    Lovely to see you and it would be nice to be able to pop round for coffee and cake if we were a bit closer!

    love Lori xx

    1. Heehee! Well there might have been a couple of other balls that snuck in too... I would've come out with a lot more if they'd had that Cotton Jeans in any other colors that is a totally mad price for it! Need to find a mad scientist to work on a way to move you & Kemps closer ;)
      love, Helen xxx


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