Friday, 1 June 2012

Stitching & stamping

Hello there! Sorry for the delay in posting this week - the last seven days have been a whirlwind what with one thing & another! 
The first thing to share with you all is news of our addition to the family. Baby H arrived on Tuesday night weighing in at 9lb 2.5oz and measuring 22 .5" (or 4.15 kg & 57 cms for those of you who are happier in metric!). Mother & babe are doing just fine and we are all enjoying lots of baby cuddles :) I haven't quite finished the toy I was making for him last week, but I did get the card completed in time for his birth.
I had a bit of bother getting the flower buttons to stay put, even multiple glue dots weren't strong enough to stop them giving in to gravity & falling off after a couple of hours, so I used some of that red extra strong double sided sticky tape. I don't know if it has a special name, I first saw it at the craft show at the SECC last year, but it's easy to find online with a google search if your local craft shop doesn't stock it. I have found plenty of uses for it over the last seven months!
Today I can also show you the card & present I made for a friends' birthday. Lori has been an awesome friend to me over this last year & I wanted to make her something useful to go in the package for her big day. As she does a lot of sewing (go check out the beautiful items she makes in her etsy shop HERE) I thought of a little wrist pincushion that appeared in World of Cross stitch a while back. I changed the colors to brighten it up, tied them in with one of my new buttons for the center, & used a matching bright blue felt to make the wrist band. It makes up as a little biscornu so there are eight stitched sides to it, here are a few different views of it...

I decided to try something a bit different for her card & used a collection of stamps to make a frame for a faerie paper I had in my stash.
I stamped the greeting onto some pinky purpley paper & matted it with silver card for one corner, added a silver leaf charm to the other top corner, & used some silver organza ribbon to finish it off.

Next week I will have some other birthday cards to share with you & I'm hoping to have the baby toy and the blanket for my daughter finished too - looks like a busy weekend ahead! Thank you for dropping by to visit me today, I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever the weather brings :)


  1. Congratulations Grandma! :-) That's a hefty sized baby too! Well done to Mum and Dad I'm sure he'll be cuddled lots by everyone.

    Love my wrist pincushion and beautiful card, I took all the cards down after a couple of days except the lovely crafted ones which I plan to leave for ages as they are so lovely :-) Thanks for being a lovely friend!

    Enjoy the weekend with the new little one, gorgeous card you made there for him too.

    Lori xxxx

    1. Thanks Lori :) He's doing pretty well for cuddles lol!
      Glad you liked your birthday things, I still have the beautiful butterfly & flower card you sent me up to enjoy! Have a great week!
      Helen xxx

  2. Absolutely beautiful, all of it! The cards are great and I really love the idea of the biscornu on the wrist band for pins...she's a lucky girl to receive that! I've yet to manage stamping and love the biscornu's but not attempted them....the baby card is adorable...something to keep for sure...Brilliant as always! xox

    1. Cheers Cathy! I mean to make one of those pincushions for myself at some stage, it would save me sticking needles in the front of my jumper lol I would start with a bigger biscornu for your first one as, being small, this was a bit fiddly to sew the corners. Have a great week!
      Helen xoxo


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