Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Bunny & a Dragon

Hello! Thank you for stopping by, today I have some stitching to share with you. Some of you know hubbie has a soft spot for DMC's character Somebunny to Love so it probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to hear that I spent the first half of June secretly stitching one of these designs for his birthday. I had planned doing a much larger one, but the days were rapidly running away from me so I decided on a smaller chart from my files. 
 Hubbie likes dandelions - just not in our garden where he has a real vendetta against any that dare show their heads, so this seemed rather apt! There were some satin threads used in this design; the pink hearts in Somebunny's ear, the blue stripes on the sole of one foot, the lilac spots on the other, & the white of the dandelion clocks...
The other stitching I want to share with you today is my current WIP - the crescent moon dragon from Joan Elliott's book Bewitching Cross stitch. I started this design last year & loved working on it - it took me 12 weeks to get this far...
Reluctantly I left him behind when we went on our travels last summer & by the time we got home & I had crafting time again I was busy making presents & cards for birthdays & Christmas! So he sat... poor neglected dragon... I had every intention of picking him up in January but something always seemed to get in the way... plus my stitchy bug was off on his wanderings... so now my bug is home & I have a little space before I start thinking about Christmas again (!) it's time to bring the dragon out again & finish him off!!!
I plan on taking a photo of him each week & posting it so you can see how I get on... 
Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today, I hope the rest of your weekend is happy & fun filled :) 


  1. WOW I absolutely *love* that dragon!! Stunning- and it'll be even more amazing finished! Love the Somebunny design too, very cute indeed :-) Lovely present for your hubby. Hope you are well, love Laura x

    1. Thanks Laura, I'm having great fun stitching him again - so glad to have my stitchy bug back :) Hope you have a great birthday week, love Helen x

  2. Love the Somebunny, I'm sure hubby loved it :-)

    Yay! The dragon is back! It'll be great to see him growing again. I want to stitch that again on hand dyed fabric, cos I love it so much :-)

    Lori xxx

    1. Thanks Lori, yup the Bunny was a hit ;) Oh it's great to be working on the dragon again - we're going to have to start thinking of a name for him... Your one is gorgeous but it would look lovely on hand dyed fabric too :) Have a great week!
      Helen xxx


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