Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Monthly Makes - June

Hello there! July is now firmly under way but, before we totally leave it behind, here is a quick look at what I got up to in June... 
  My smaller projects this last month were four birthday cards, a new home card, & one crocheted baby toy. Two finished pieces of cross stitch, one for my daughter & one for my hubbie took a bit longer to complete. I also finished a big project this month. After seven weeks of crocheting happiness I was kinda sad to see the end of the rainbow flower circle blanket, but I have started working on a new blanket using the yarn in the box pictured above - I just haven't gotten around to posting about it yet :/ I'm hoping to get a chance to tell you about later in the week... 
Next month's collage might not contain as many projects as I have come to a Decision. This year is flying away too fast for my liking leaving me chasing my tail - I have especially felt that this last month. So with the start of the school summer holidays I have decided enough is enough, I'm going to tackle one job that I have been putting off for each of the seven weeks school is out. Some of them are crafty WIP's (Works In Progress) that have for varying reasons become stuck - oh ok let's call them what they truly are - UFO's (UnFinished Objects)!!! Others are jobs around the house or garden that I have been not quite getting around to...
I have been working on the first of these since Saturday - Tackling The Loft :/ I have dug numerous splinters out of my hands & boy do I a-c-h-e all over, but at least now I can announce that, as of June 30th, the Christmas decorations are finally, properly packed away!! It had gotten into a big mess up there with things being shoved up & back until there wasn't much floor left to stand on. There will be some more trips to the charity shop & to the recycling center, & I need to clear up the mess I've made sorting things across my son's bedroom floor (I'm borrowing it because he's away this week), but the end is definitely in sight - I might even manage to squeeze some daytime crafting time in this week :)
Thank you for dropping by today, I hope you are enjoying this first week of July however you are spending it!


  1. Love the new blog header with all your gorgeous animals :-)
    You had a busy month and lots of fab finishes, I'm looking forward to seeing the new blanket too.
    Don't work too hard on boring stuff so you still have enough time for the fun crafting!

    love Lori xxx

    1. Thank you! I had forgotten I had this shot of them sitting on the shelf in the shop but I thought it would fit nicely here ;-) It did feel rather hectic this month so it was a pleasant surprise to see I'd completed so much! New blanket is in the next post, I'll try & leave myself a decent amount of "play time" ;-)
      love Helen xxx


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