Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The delinquent blogger & birthday goodies!

Hello there! I have been rather neglectful of my blog posting & blog reading over the last few weeks but when your only bathroom looks like this...

other things take priority for a little while!!
I helped where I could & kept out of the way the rest of the time & I am very happy to say this job is now nearly finished :) New plasterboard replaced the soggy stuff that crumbled onto the floor with the tiles &, in the hopes it will prove a better waterproof layer than the tiles did, it was covered in sparkly wetwall...
We replaced the old cracked sink & repainted the room, then hubbie made me a couple of shelves for the corner which I covered in good old sticky back plastic. I also covered the plastic storage for the shelves in the same pebble design sticky back plastic and voila! - one almost finished bathroom! :)
Okay you know it didn't go as smoothly as that but anyways... In the midst of all this I (rather selfishly) had a birthday. Work stopped for a little while as I opened my goodies, including these lovely handmade cards from crafty friends Cathy...

& Lori... 
 and these beautiful pressies from Lori!

Thank you so much I love them!!! Oooooh red gingham and little padded hearts? I think she knows me too well! I don't know that I will ever be able to bring myself to deface such a beautiful notebook by actually writing in it but it looks gorgeous sitting on the shelf in my craft space :) Hubbie remarked that I have been meaning to make myself a pincushion for a long time so now I could use this lovely biscornu, but I'm not sure I could stick pins in it so for the moment it is sitting next to my work chair in the living room where the sparkly white beads round the edge & the jewel-like button in the center catch any stray bit of sunlight that happens to show itself round here! The cards will stay up in the living room for a little while longer & then these two will join the notebook in my craft space because the next DIY job on hubbie's list is repainting the living room :/ 
I hope to be back with a couple of catch up posts before then, as long as I can find a little patch of peace & quiet to write in! Thank you for dropping by to visit with me today - I hope you are having a lovely week whatever this summer is bringing you :)


  1. Happy Birthday....even though it's a bit late!! Your bathroom looks great, hope the living room decorating goes smoothly.

    1. Thanks Rhona, I think we've picked the paint colors now so it will be all go soon! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Catching up on blog posts as I was really slack last week at reading them all!
    So glad you loved the pressies, I know I did think I'd have trouble actually writing in a notebook that looked as good as that one too! The button on the biscornu is so pretty isn't it? It's really sparkly and I was glad to find such a good use for it :-)

    The bathroom looks very fancy now, worth all the pain of living with the mess!

    Have a great week,
    Lori xx


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