Friday, 31 August 2012

A couple of cards

Hello there! It's a very grey & miserable afternoon here, just perfect for curling up with a good book or some stitching :-)Before I succumb to one of those activities I thought I would quickly share some cards with you that I have made this month (not strictly speaking a "couple" but I liked the alliteration!).
This is a slightly blurry shot of a speedily made get well card for a friend who got out of hospital a little earlier than I had anticipated! It was great for her to be able to get back to her own place & also proved I can get a card done in just under an hour when push comes to shove!
By contrast this card took me pretty much the whole day. It is the first time I have stamped, heat embossed, & then colored an image with the Promarkers so naturally I did a practise one too. I also played around on some scrap paper with the color blending for his cheeks, I think I am slowly getting better at this! I think my nephew liked the end result anyways...
The last card I can share with you today was made for one of my young folks' best friends. They have been pals for so long that this girl is almost like a second daughter to us so it wasn't hard to come up with something appropriate for her...
I have been making some other cards but can't share them with you just yet as they haven't reached their recipients. If this weather continues I should have a good bit of progress with the stitching to share with you all next week too!
I hope you have a lovely weekend, thank you so much for dropping by today :-)


  1. Lovely cards, the fast one doesn't look like it was a last minute one, bravo!

    Lori xxx

    1. Thank you :) Maybe one day I really will be able to create a card in the time they say in the card mags ;)
      Helen xxx


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