Friday, 24 August 2012

Our summer garden

Hello there! Today I thought I would share some pictures from around my garden over the last few weeks. The weather this season has really not been on the side of those of us trying to grow veg, I feel rather sorry for folks who are just starting out in this venture - it isn't usually this dismal - honest! Some things have been a total washout & a lot of other things have been consumed by the hoards of snails who have descended in never before seen multitudes :( Everything seems to be late too, it really has been a higgledy piggledy year out there! So it was the end of July before I rootled around in the first tub of new potatoes...
This year I'm growing International Kidney (better known as Jersey Royals except you can only call them that when they are grown in Jersey!). Size wise some of them are whoppers! Taste wise they are getting the "Yum!" vote from the family so I might well grow these again next year :)
My poor lilies have probably been the worst hit by the snails out of everything, I could literally pick handfuls off of each plant :/ Most of them never got a chance to flower as the snails munched them first :( These are pretty much the only ones we got to enjoy this summer, but wow they really lit up that part of the garden when they did!

The Pineapple sage is somehow surviving the snails so far & smells divine - I wish I could add smell to this for you!
This corner, down by the greenhouse, has been one of my favorite areas over the last few weeks. The climbing rose we planted a few years ago & thought we had lost the following winter has been blooming it's little cotton socks off! It has had it's best year by far despite being covered in greenfly at times...
Not only are all the plants working well together down there, the perfume of this rose is glorious! Only wish I could remember the name of it ;-) It's a climber & I chose it to cover this side of the little shed because I would much rather look at plants than painted shed! When they first open the blooms look like this...
As they age they get paler & more blousey, there is a really soft & old fashioned look to them. I am loving them so much and have even brought a few flowers inside to enjoy :-)
The borage seeds that I sowed back in March have also grown well, I planted them out in one of the beds in June & they started flowering in the last week of July. I love the furriness of the buds & the blue of the open flowers almost as much as the bees do!
This scabious is one of a group that I grew from seed quite a few years ago now. Once it starts flowering it will carry on right up until the first frosts as long as I keep deadheading it. The bees & hoverflies enjoy it too :)
They contrast beautifully with the bronze carex grass & the red orange of the taller Heleniums...
This is another rose which has been blooming for ages now. It has been covered in so many clusters of blooms you could smell it from quite a distance! This one is called "Iceberg" and was planted at the same time as the peachy colored one. It is a climber too, I picked this one to cover the side of the garage & it is doing it's best :)
Despite the lack of sunlight I have finally started getting courgettes :) I had gotten so used to going to check & there being nothing on either plant that I left them alone & so the first one grew more to marrow proportions! That is a normal palm sized onion & a 440g tin of beans next to it...
I only needed half of it to make this family favorite supper...
While some things have gotten big other things are closer to the other end of the scale...
Pretty small cucumber huh?!  I don't think it's going to be a bumper crop! With the way the weather has been I really wasn't sure I would get anything off the three cucumber plants that grew from the seeds I sowed in March. I have had mixed success with cucumbers up here over the years, I only persevere because I love eating them so! Just like tomatoes, nothing really beats the taste of them warm & freshly picked from the greenhouse - YUM! :-)
The jasmine bloomed profusely for a short while round the faeries & the dragon, I think they enjoyed it even if I never caught this one looking up from her page ;-)
Well I am going out to go check those courgette plants again, I hope you manage to enjoy some outdoor time this weekend - although given that for some of the UK it is a bank holiday that will probably bring on the rain!


  1. We just get monster slugs in our garden. The snails are too small to eat much.
    We've had quite a few cucumbers, but a few male ones which are really bitter. Any ideas how to identify them?
    Hope to catch up with you before too long. xxx

    1. Maybe I'm feeding the snails too much? ;-) I didn't know the male cucumbers produced fruit, so sorry I'm no help with that one :( Yes we should definitely try & get together soon! Have a great week, Helen xxx

  2. Everything looks gorgeous, attack snails are definitely on the increase here too. On the plus side Daisy has started whacking them when she finds them so I may have trained her well!!

    Lori xx

    1. Thank you :) Oh good girl Daisy!! I must see if Pippa can be enticed to attack them too....
      Helen xx


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