Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Stitchy goings on...

Hello hello!
I'm going to do something I have resisted so far & blog out of order but I'm so excited to share this with you the other things will have to wait! I finally finished beading the last little bit of the Crescent Moon Dragon, found something to hang it off of, & made it into a wall hanging! He is sitting opposite me right now looking very regal :) Would you like to see?

He isn't really as wonky as this last picture looks, it is the way the fabric hangs (which actually looks better in real life than in a photo!). The camera also doesn't quite capture how much he sparkles, especially at night time when the lights are on in the front room. Despite the fact that the black velour fabric I bought online to make the hanging was a total pig to work with it does go very nicely with him. I was wanting something that looked like it "belonged" with the design but didn't take your eye away from the stitching too much & I think this really ticks those boxes. I can honestly say it was totally worth it now & all he needs is a name...
While I was waiting for the fabric to arrive, then dry on the washing line, and in between hunting online & locally for a hanger for him I stitched two aida bands to go on the new hand towels for the bathroom. I have been meaning to do something like this for a long time but never seemed to get around to it!

I couldn't choose between these two alphabets so decided to do one of each because they probably won't ever both be out at the same time. It was nice to stitch something smaller for a change, the letters really seemed to appear very quickly! Probably as a result of all that hand sewing with the blazers the other week I couldn't face stitching the aida bands onto the towels by hand & got out my sewing machine. I have always sewn aida band by hand before but I don't know that I ever will again! It was so quick & easy & I actually like the overall finish better too! I might even personalise some towels for the young folks before they go off to university next year...
As I mentioned in a previous post I have been having thoughts about Christmas. Every year I seem to start earlier & still manage to run out of time, so in an effort to be a bit more sane come December (I can hear you laughing!) I decided to make a start on the first big pressie project - a stocking for Baby H. This is the one I settled on in the end...
I am hoping to do WIP (Work In Progress) posts on it as I go, partly to keep me going when I hit all that green (I'm not a big fan of huge blocks of one color)! So here is what I managed to get done the first day...
Not very much in the grand scheme of things but then it's not quite September yet... I'm really enjoying it so far and am planning on tackling it a page at a time (although page two (top right) has by far the smallest amount of stitching on it!). There are so many gorgeous stocking charts out there to choose from but this one is from Donna Kooler's Ultimate Stocking Collection. The design is by Linda Gillum & I'm stitching it on 14 count navy blue aida as specified in the book. I wasn't overly impressed with either of the scroll frames I used for the dragon so I'm back to my trusty 9" hoop.
Well  I can hear two little things meowing at the back door for me & I think it's about time for a cuppa too! I hope you are having a lovely week, thank you so much for stopping by to visit today :-) I will try & tear myself away from the stitching long enough to catch you up with the other crafty goings on around here over the next wee while (oh and there will be a monthly round up soon too - boy that came round again quickly!) so until next time...


  1. Wow the dragon looks absolutely stunning and I think your choice of fabric is perfect- it doesn't detract from the design and does look like it really belongs with it, well done! The aida bands are really lovely, very nice designs. Love the stocking, it'll be fabulous when it's finished, and worth all those big blocks of colour!! I'm exactly the same with xmas, I always run out of time and get stressed out, but at the beginning of the year I actually made quite a few things and now I'm really glad because the next few months are going to be super busy for me, so I'm glad I got organised early! I look forward to seeing your progress on the stocking, and your monthly round up. Happy stitching! Laura x

    1. Thank you Laura! That's very organised of you, I had intended working on some Christmas things throughout the year but just couldn't muster any enthusiasm for them... I am thinking I will need to be more realistic about what I take on this year. Have a lovely weekend, Helen x

  2. The gorgeous dragon, he does look very splendid on his posh hanger :-) Well done you on getting him finished off so beautifully.
    Ooo nice towels, I wouldn't want to use those though :-)

    Nice stocking design and a lovely idea for baby's first Christmas.

    Lori xxx

    1. Mr Dragon is very happy up on the wall ;) Oh the kids don't have any problems wiping toothpaste on the towels even tho' last time I checked they weren't "guests" lol
      Helen xxx

  3. wow congrats on finishing that dragon. i am halfway thru my own dragon & was searching online for other's who have completed it & found yrs. I started mine in 2010, ive put mine aside & concentrated on beading. also i was getting a bit bored with the crescent moon, i chose a sparkly light aqua type green which was all wrong so I pulled it out today & will use a blue close to the pattern. & great job on the hanging! ive had a quote of $400 & up to frame it so that's a great idea. i love Joan Elliott too. I have betwitching cross stitch & bookazine but this dragon is only the 2nd pice ive ever attempted. maybe i should've started smaller. buying all those beads got me beadweaving though. have you ever tried that? im sure sure you would find it easy to learn & bead embroidery looks fab. there''s heaps of groups on facebook, seed beads & more is great for learning, & beautiful beadweaving (i think) is great for eye candy. ok bye! merry christmas 2016!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I'm so sorry it took me so long to see it. Did you get your dragon finished? I found the moon a bit of a slog too! I picked a large project on evenweave as my second ever project (didn't know any better!) but I think if you pick something you love you will have a better chance of finishing than if you pick something deliberately simpler but that you don't love as much? If that makes sense lol! I've never tried bead weaving... yet... too many cool things to make and not enough hours! Have a great week,


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