Saturday, 29 September 2012

Autumn arrives

Hello and welcome! 
September is rapidly passing & this last week has had a distinctly autumnal feel to it. I think the days of leaving the back door open all day, working in the garden in t-shirt & shorts, & enjoying our meals outside are behind us once again. The cats, who think the back door deal is for their benefit, are NOT impressed! Just to annoy them further, we have had a LOT of this:
So much so that the two little terracotta birds in the bird bath were totally submerged yesterday :(
I nipped out between showers to take a few photos, but the rain really didn't hold off for very long at all, I am hoping to manage a longer trip into the garden with the camera in the next wee while. There is a fullness about the garden at the end of summer that I would love to capture in these last few weeks before many of the plants begin to hibernate for the coming winter. The colors in the garden are changing too, from the kitchen window I can see the apples turning red & starting to swell. They would look stunning against a blue sky but we haven't seen one of those all week!
There is a definite chill in the air now and it brings two things that signal autumn for me; the smell of coal fires from various houses in our street, and the changing leaf colors of many trees & shrubs. The blueberry bush might only have a last few berries ripening on it now but wow, what colors the leaves have gone in just this last week!
We have also had strong winds howling down the chimney this week so while it was dry I wanted to check on the hanging baskets I planted up the other weekend...

Yes, both still there (!) and bringing some much needed color against these grey skies & sodden grey paving. Winter pansies are usually a pretty safe bet for a spot of color to see us through the coming months, I'm not too sure how the bellis on the top will cope but I'm a sucker for a daisy so thought they were worth a try ;)
The other weekend I also replanted the tubs at the side of the house with the remaining pansies, some violas, a few little chrysanthemums, & assorted spring bulbs tucked underneath.
Felix doesn't like walking on the gravel, preferring instead to balance along the edges of the tubs whilst occasionally giving you a look in the hopes that you will pick him up - spoilt or what?!
 I think he approves of the new flowers as none of them reach over the edges of the tubs yet & get in his way!
With the drop in temperature I decided the next project to tackle from the Far Too Long list should be my daughter's quilt. The actual quilt top was made before the wolves pillowcase project was begun, there were many reasons excuses for it heading to the unfinished pile, but at the end of the day it was sitting folded up in a Tesco bag in my room, not on my daughter's bed... This week it seemed pretty appealing to sit under the layers & stitch! It isn't going to be a speedy finish but I am getting there (I think!). I will post more details when it is finally finished but here's a sneak peak...
I'm hoping to be back in a few days to share my ladybird fairy progress & a couple of other stitchy projects, in the meantime it's back to the quilt! Thank you for dropping by today, I hope you have a lovely (dry & warm!) weekend!  

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