Friday, 14 September 2012

Crochet catch up

Hello there! Another week has raced & I did promise I would try & catch you up on the crochet goings on around here before we got any further into September! In last weeks' Monthly Makes post there was a photo of this little trinket pot...
It was made at the very beginning of August for my sister in law's birthday. The pattern is not my own; I remember coming across it not long after I started crocheting & first became aware of free patterns on the internet, but before I realised just how many were out there & started using a system to help me keep track of where I find them! If you recognise it please let me know where it's from as I don't like to post on a project without crediting the designer :0
I had never tried making anything like this from crochet before so picked the Rico cotton yarn I first learnt to crochet with in the hopes of giving it a bit more rigidity. As I have a dwindling supply of that yarn now I changed the pattern slightly by introducing stripes. The other factor which influenced my design choices with this was the timescale I had to complete it in. Plans changed & I ended up crocheting it on the Thursday night, blocking it on the Friday, & delivering it all wrapped up on the Saturday morning! Luckily it was quick & simple to crochet but before blocking it on Friday morning it was not really rigid enough, the lid in particular was a bit of a footer to get on (great Scottish word there - it was fiddly in other words!). I didn't have time to wait & see if the blocking alone would rectify this so I decided to make a lining for the base & sides of the pot & the underside of the lid while it dried on the blocking board. I used some fabric from my stash, cartridge paper, & fabric glue for this. Once the pot was dry I discovered it had really stiffened up a lot & it would have been just fine without the lining (!) but I think it adds a little "pretty" to the pot...
Sorry for the blurriness of the photo, but I was in a real hurry by then! Here is a shot of it with it's lid on just about to jump in some tissue paper about 10 minutes before we were heading out the door to my sister-in-law's!
The other main crochet project that I have been working on over this last month is the Big Mixed Squares Blanket. Earlier in the summer a local store reduced these foam mats so I bought some to use as a big blocking board. The extra space in the loft after The Big Clearout is coming in very handy!
I have two quarters of the blanket blocked & joined now :-) Here is the completed second quarter pinned on the mats...
I am still really enjoying the gradual progress on this project, no time limit or deadline to hit, just a bit here & there when I feel like it. But as the pile of squares for the third quarter grows I must admit that I am starting to hear a little squeak of anticipation deep inside - this is coming to live on our bed in the not-so-distant future! Eeek! Apart from being soft, snuggly, & warm it will add So Much Color to a room that I spend a fair amount of time in as it contains my craft space :-)  Maybe I will get the next quarter finished this month?

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