Friday, 19 October 2012

Autumn stitching part one

Hello there & welcome!
At a time when many of us are fully submerged in Christmas crafting today I want to share something a little more seasonal with you. Now don't get me wrong, I love the opportunity for playing with metallic threads, beads, & such for added sparkle & all the festive colors that the Christmas season brings, but sometimes I feel like we are in such a hurry to reach December that we  miss out on the richness that Autumn has to offer. On all but the greyest days a look outside the window reveals a glorious palette mixed to perfection by Mother Nature - burnt oranges, reds, yellows, browns, and greens - a total feast for the color addicts amongst us! So amongst all the Christmassy tasks that have to be attended to at this stage of the year I wanted to find a little time to fit in some stitching celebrating the glory of the current season.
A hunt on the internet brought up some gorgeous wee projects, one of which looked perfect for a friend with an October birthday. This particular pattern can be found here (keep scrolling down as the selection of free downloads is quite large!) it called for speciality threads but I just substituted with threads from my stash. This is a side view...
I found the backing fabric really hard to capture accurately with the camera! I tried a lot of different settings & then played with the editing software & this is the best I could come up with :/
I used a mushroomy colored 16 count aida for the stitched front, bronzy brown ribbon saved off a present many moons ago, two colors of Mill Hill beads, & two silver charms from my stash to finish it off...
Then I got out my stamps & Promarkers & came up with a birthday card to accompany it. Rather than continuing the autumn theme I based this on some of my friends' favorite flowers - my young folks said it was "very her" when they saw it!
In other news, I finally finished hand quilting my daughter's Winnie the Pooh quilt yesterday - YAY! ** Happy Dance **  Now I just have to sort out binding the edges & she can have it to snuggle under, as we have had frost several nights this week this will be kind of a timely finish! Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed your visit & have a lovely weekend :-)


  1. I love the little pillow and you are so right, its this time of year I love best because of all the colors that I use to be able to see in the States...there was one tree I would see everyday on the way to work and it was the biggest boldest orange, with the background being a mountain of yellows, reds and so on, as you described...its so beautiful and wonderful smelling the wood fires...:o) Thanks for another great blog! xox

    1. Thanks Cathy glad you enjoyed it & it brought back good memories ;-)Have a lovely weekend xx


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