Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Stitchy things

Hello there and welcome! 
Just a quick post today to share a few recent stitchy projects with you (I really MUST get on with some card making today!). First off  here's a card I made for one of my daughter's friends (no prizes for guessing which letter her name starts with!)...
This little chap was quick & fun to stitch & apparently went down a storm with the birthday girl :)
I have made a slow start to the Christmas cards this year, but here are the first three completed...

After a burst of inspiration at the end of August/ start of September I am really not feeling the Christmas spirit now - not good! If possible I prefer to make things when I'm "feeling" it as I think it tends to better results - anyone else feel this way?  Oh well I'm sure it will come eventually & in the meantime I have LOTS of other projects on the go including the Ladybird Fairy. Here is a progress pic of her after two weeks of stitching...
I am so looking forward to the next section with all the reds & golden yellows of her skirt :)
Well I think maybe another cup of coffee might get me moving in the right direction this morning... thank you for dropping by, I hope you have a lovely & productive day!


  1. Hello!!! I've made it back on blogger finally!

    Love the cards, I've not done any yet but I always leave it til the last minute :-)

    Ladybird fairy is so beautiful, one of my favourite of the JE fairies.

    Have a great week,
    love Lori xx

    1. Yay! Lovely to see you back! :)
      Thank you, I have really been enjoying Ladybird fairy :)
      Hope your week is great,
      love, Helen xxx


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