Friday, 9 November 2012

A Big Taa-dah!!!

Hello there! Thank you for dropping by today I hope your week went well? In this part of the world we have noticeably shifted into colder, darker days now so I was really pleased to finally finish the Winnie the Pooh quilt for my daughter this week! ***HAPPY DANCE***
As mentioned here this is a project that has been around for Far Too Long so I was really happy to be able to take something off that list :) Also it is the first actual bed sized quilt I have completed so that makes me smile too :) It's been quite a journey & I've learnt a lot along the way, the kind of things that you discover when you go from reading the theory of how to do something to actually doing it!! At times I wondered why on earth I had started this, how on earth I was ever going to finish it, but now it is done I would will definitely make another at some point! I am slightly amazed to hear myself say that, but now the journey of this quilt is over the idea of doing it again doesn't seem nearly so daunting. 
I gained a LOT of inspiration from Kristen's quilt post here so I owe her a HUGE thank you for that & for all her encouragement :) I was able to borrow the Jane Brocket book she mentions from our local library & this showed me a different perspective on the actual quilting that I had never considered before - namely big & bold could be beautiful too! Instead of trying to cover it in tiny, even quilting stitches that were hard to see with the naked eye & would take me forever to complete I was allowed to make bigger stitches that were meant to be seen! After all if Jane & Kristen said it was ok then that was good enough for me!! This took the task of quilting it from a "sitting in silence concentrating on not messing it up" job to "sitting in front of the TV and r e l a x" time. Oh yes, there are things about it that are less than perfect, but my daughter loves it just the way it is so I am content with that.
Before I washed it I hung it out over the line in the back garden & took a few photos (proof - just in case it all fell apart in the washing machine!). At this stage it was a bit more rumpled than Kristen's as she completed hers in one day whereas I pulled mine out & worked on it, stuffed it back in the bag, then pulled it out again for a few more hours etc. over the last seven weeks....
I'm happy to report it survived the washing machine just fine but the rain was back by then so I hung it over the upstairs bannister to dry. A few days later once I was sure it was really truly dry I gave in to the pestering & threw it over my daughter's bed...
This quilt all started with my daughter falling in love with a remnant of Winnie the Pooh fabric in a store in Colorado. I made her a patchwork pillowcase with it for her birthday (which you can see on the bed above). The discussion on what to do with what was left over from this led to tracking down the same fabric on ebay & working out a design that went with the pillowcase. Because she loves the pictures on the fabric I decided to cut the squares a large 6" to keep the pictures in bigger chunks. The top measures seven squares by eleven with a 6" border around the edges. I used a dark chocolate brown cotton for the backing & cut six squares of this for the top as well, one for each corner & two midway down the sides. The binding was cut from this fabric too. I quilted it diagonally across the squares, using masking tape to mark the diagonal lines up to the border.
I traced round a cookie cutter heart in the six dark brown squares & quilted over the lines but wasn't too sure what design to pick for the rest of the border. After much deliberation we stuck with the whole Winnie The Pooh theme & chose images of Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, & Eeyore's heads online which Hubbie printed out, & I cut out & stitched round.... 

The two plain fabric colors in this are hard to capture accurately with the camera as they change so much under different light conditions. All the photos of it on the bed were taken in the natural light of her room just after lunchtime in the space of four minutes! The sun was ducking in & out behind the clouds but I managed to catch it lighting up the bottom of the bed...
It looks just as old, soft, & rumpled as I had hoped it would, like a favorite much-loved possession from her childhood. I am not worried that as she approaches her eighteenth birthday she will leave this behind her soon, all the teens & twenties around us seem to agree you are never too old for Winnie The Pooh... sweet dreams baby girl xx


  1. Oh wow, thats a beautiful quilt Helen!! I really love it!!!

    1. Thanks Cathy ;) I'll maybe try & work in another one next year... so many things I want to make, so little time! lol! Have a great week, Helen xox


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