Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cards & presents

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by to visit today, do you find the days seem to be getting shorter in hours as well as daylight as we rush through November?! There are a thousand and one things that need attention before December 25 so I have started making lists & trying to prioritise in an effort to Be Organised & Keep Calm! As with every year I know there will be things I had hoped to do that I won't fit in but they will keep for another year. Some of the requests from young folks will be fine for their birthdays in January if I don't finish in time for Christmas (it is NOT family planning to have all three offspring born in January!) and overall they are very understanding about their mother's "getting to it" list - as witnessed by my daughter waited patiently for 18months for the quilt in my last post!
Some things are not negotiable however, so I have been busy getting organised for some of these events. Today I can share two cards I made for friends with birthdays last week... week I will be able to share a couple more cards & a present with you. I did make one other birthday card for this month but forgot to photograph it before I mailed it - DOH! 
I also finished two Christmas presents this week which I think I am safe to share with you. I have been thinking about these particular ones since July when I made the Applique Owl Peg Bag. Two of my nieces are lucky enough to have ponies so when I saw this pony fabric I thought it would be perfect for making something for the younger one. After practising my applique skills on the peg bag I decided to make the girls pony cushions with their names on for their bedrooms.Again I'm having a few issues capturing the colors accurately, so please bear with me, the background color is a deep chocolatey brown & the letters are lilac...

 I found some suitable fabric on ebay for the cushion for my older niece & when the fat quarters arrived I tucked them away. In October I played around with different fonts & cut the required letters out on computer paper using my Pazzle. The other day I decided it was about time to get organised & make the cushions up before I lost the paper letters! I used some fleece fabric from my stash to make a simple envelope style back for the cushions so that they are snuggly but easily washable. I chose lilac to match the letters on the first cushion & navy blue to match the background on the second cushion.
I found some fusible web in a craft shop locally to back the letters with which made things a lot easier than when I made the peg bag. It also meant I could use a looser zigzag stitch around the edge of the letters as the web should prevent them fraying too badly. Due to the larger letters I found this one easier to sew neatly!
Partly because of the random nature of the background fabric & partly because she has so many letters in her name I decided to place the letters in a more jumbly way on this one... 
The cream thread helps to punch the letters out & stops them getting lost on the background.
In other news I have been working my way through previous posts putting the pictures back on. I'm sorry if you have visited posts and tutorials to find them devoid of photos, I hope to have this fixed soon...
Thank you for visiting today, I hope to be back soon with some more goodies to share with you! Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!

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