Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halloween goodies!

Hello there!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend , this really will be my last Halloween-related post for this year - promise! Firstly I have to share with you the gorgeous felties that my awesomely talented friend Lori sent me for Halloween...
Aren't they cute? I really can't pick a favorite between them, I love them all! I hung them over the edge of the big mirror in the hall which is just opposite the front room door. Every time I pass they make me smile :-) What a brilliant surprise - am I lucky or what?!
 I also want to show you the Halloween stitching I did for us to keep this year. This chart appeared in an issue of Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine last fall & I loved it instantly but didn't have the time to stitch it right then. A couple of months ago I found some royal blue aida on ebay so decided I would squeeze it in this year. Normally I find the guidelines in the magazines on how long a project will take to stitch are pretty accurate, but this one was way off! I have no clue why, they reckoned it would take 10-12 hours but the back stitch alone took me about 5 hours! I do love it though...
 When I began stitiching it I had decided I didn't want to make it into a card but hadn't quite made my mind up as to what I did want to do with it. Then whilst in Inverness recently Hubbie & I discovered a new quilting shop. Eeek! What excitement! It turned out it has been open a year already (!) but it is in a part of the city I don't often go to (I think that is now set to change!). Overall I was pretty restrained but I couldn't resist these two Halloween themed fabrics...
They had a lot of funky fat quarters but this bright orange one really made me smile and the purple with the little stars on was pretty much a given for me ;-)
So can you guess what I made my stitching into?
Yes! A cushion!

Unlike our snowflake one it won't sit on the sofa all year round, but I think it can stay there for a little while yet & it will brighten up any grey October days in years to come. Although it took me a lot longer to complete this project than I had envisioned I must admit I am pretty happy with it ;-)
 Well I really must go get back on track with some other projects now (I think I'm going to ask for one of those Time Turners Hermione had in the third Harry Potter for Christmas!). Thank you for stopping by today, I hope to have a big finish to share with you next week (fingers crossed!)....


  1. I love your gifts from Lori, she always makes amazing things. Your Halloween stitching looks great on the blue fabric. I think the magazine model stitcher must be super-speedy or else they made a mistake as 10 - 12 hours does seem rather quick! Your new fabric is just perfect, guess you'll be popping back to that shop quite often! lol
    Enjoy your week!

    1. She is soooo talented isn't she?! Thank you :) Sometimes I would love to be that speedy lol I am hoping to sort out some Christmas projects & go back to the fabric shop to pick from her gorgeous Christmas selection soon ;) Have a great week! Helen


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