Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Going freestyle

Hello there and welcome, especially to my new followers!
This is one of those posts I have been meaning to write for a while but haven't quite managed to find time to... One of those "oh I must write that up" jobs a bit like the crochet pattern for the Christmas amis I designed two years ago (I really need to sort that out while I can still decipher my notes!)... In fact this starts with a Christmas too....
For the last couple of Christmases I have wanted to make a runner for the top of the piano. I bought a large piece of green felt for it in the winter of 09/10. The following year I got as far as cutting some to the size I wanted and planning to cross stitch snowflakes onto it, but then I ran out of time so we just used it "bare". As this last Christmas approached I decided that instead of cross stitched snowflakes I was leaning towards more simple embroidered ones (which would have the added benefit of being much quicker to complete). I was seeing lots of yummy freestyle embroidery around online but I hadn't tried anything along those lines since I was about 7 (eek!). I decided to keep it simple & bought a skein of white perle cotton locally & sketched a few simple snowflake ideas on a piece of paper. I didn't try to transfer the designs onto the felt, I just stitched them freehand using backstitches about 1/4" long. It didn't take too long to stitch five large, two medium, & four small snowflakes onto the runner like this...
This is what it looked like after I arranged some Christmas candles & decorations on the top...
I really enjoyed making this and thought some further embroidery projects would be fun so when I saw some perle cotton at a bargain price on ebay I jumped at the chance of purchasing more. Having gotten the cotton it needed a place to live...
A little while later on a trip to Inverness I found a perfect sized box amongst the sale items in Hobbycraft. It was from their "items to decopatch" range which meant it was a rather boring plain brown but I figured I could do something about that ;-) When I got home I picked out some brightly colored tissue paper from my stash & set to work ripping some of it up. I used random pieces to completely cover the outside of the box & the lid & stuck them on with PVA glue. Once all of it was totally dry I painted a couple of coats of varnish over it to protect it...

Would you like to see all the yummy cottons in their new home? Silly question fellow color lovers, of course you would!

How yummy is that???? Mmmmmmm doesn't that just make your heart sing? What an instant pick-me-up on a grey winters' day!! :-) And how lucky am I to have a rainbow in a box living in my craft space!!!!

Although part of me just wanted to dive right in & use them, part of me wanted to be a bit more restrained & find the perfect projects to use them on. So I turned to our regions' online library catalogue to see what books on embroidery they might stock. The last five or so weeks I have been dipping in & out of a small handful of books, reading & thinking, returning to some, and returning some to the library. I have tried one project (which I will share with you soon I promise!) but a lot more are running through my brain... I think I will need to have a good rootle around in my fabric stash in the loft soon and find some suitable fabrics to start on... I really wish I could find a Timeturner while I'm up there to give me some extra hours in the day in which to play!!!


  1. beautiful and colorful, a rainbow in a box...love it all! xox

  2. ooohh! All of that lovely thread!! ^_^ Lovely Christmas table runner too, looks very pretty all decorated up.


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