Friday, 10 May 2013

Playing Hooky ;-)

Hello there!
Another morning spent busy in the garden today but mid-afternoon the rain stopped play (just about 30 minutes after I pegged laundry out of course!). Time to bring you another catch up post before the weekend then...
Around the time I was looking at options for my new crochet hook a couple of friends mentioned the lovely ones you can get with polymer clay handles. I'm sure you've seen the sort on your web travels? There are some real beauties out there - like these. Well shortly after my new hook arrived I happened to be in the craft store in the city that stocks polymer clay & they had a Buy One Get One Free offer running! Even Hubbie said I had to give it a go so I chose two colors & when we got home looked up a good tutorial (I used the one here but there are quite a few out there including videos on you tube). Now I decided to Keep It Simple for once (!) and opted for a spotty handle. I used the teal clay to cover the hook &, when I was happy with it, added some little balls of the blue glittery clay. It still looks a bit rough (maybe I should've sanded it some more?) but it is much comfier to use than it was before.
As it is a 4mm hook I added four sparkly little gems from my card making stash to the end of it...
I figured I had better mark it because if I decide to play with the clay again I will be able to tell what size each hook is! Originally I added the gems before I baked the hook in the oven but two of them fell out during cooking so I used a dab of Superglue to re-adhere them once everything was nice & cool. It's not a real thing of beauty like the amazing ones you see online but now at least it is useable so it's a win really (and shows just how awesome some of those hooks are that you see online!). 
The other thing I want to share with you today is a little crochet & sewing project that has been on my mind for well over a year now. Amongst the craft books I have borrowed from our local library was Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench (one day I might even buy my own copy as there is something very appealing to me about this book as a whole). Before I returned it I took brief notes on a couple of the projects inside including the crochet hook holder. So far this year I seem to be on a roll making Homes For Things, now it was the turn of my crochet hooks to get a purpose made home ;-) 
This really was an easy project, basically a rectangle of plain double crochet with a little picot trim added in a contrast color down the two long sides. On the crochet side I pretty much followed the pattern from the book, the only differences being I used that wonderful Foundation Single Crochet stitch to start it off and made it a few stitches wider and about an inch longer than in the book just so I could keep all my hooks together in one place. Once the rectangle was finished I picked a couple of fabrics from my stash, a neutral linen for the background and a cream cotton with little rose sprigs for the pocket. I picked a couple of coordinating ribbons to pretty up the edges, sewed it all together, & then pinned it onto my crochet rectangle...
Once it was hand sewed in place I turned it over to add the other ribbon tie. I picked a couple of pretty buttons to sew over the ends of the ribbon...
... and added my hooks!

Here's a close up of the buttons...

I used one ball of Peter Pan Jeanie Aran yarn in Heather for the main body of it & a little bit of the same yarn in the Moss colorway for the edging. It's a blend of Polyamide and Acrylic but it feels a lot like cotton, it was so much nicer to work with than that Creative Cotton I used for the bathmat! The only thing I would do differently next time round would be to make a fabric flap to fold down over the top of my hooks - the first time my son picked it up he turned it up the wrong way and a bunch of them slid out!
Thank you for stopping by to visit me today, I hope you have a lovely weekend however you are spending it!


  1. That is incredibly lovely! xox

    1. Awww, thank you! Must pop over & catch up on all your goings on... have a great week! xox

  2. good job on the crochet hook handle...will the ones with handles fit in your lovely new hook holder?

    1. Thanks Dvorah! Yes I made the hook roll after I bought the clay & my new hook & made sure the channels were wide enough - the advantages of making something yourself as opposed to buying it ;-) Have a lovely rest of your week xx

  3. Lovely roll work! I love the colour choice x

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments, I must pop over & see what you've been up to recently... have a great week!
      Helen x


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