Monday, 24 June 2013

Journey's end

Hello there!
Were you wondering where I had disappeared to? Between the garden & various crafting projects I have been so busy & am not really sure how we have gotten to the end of June & Wimbledon time already!! I love this time of the year & am hoping to be able to sit & stitch quite a bit in front of the tennis over the next two weeks :-) I'm also hoping to get you caught up on what I've been making with my sewing machine so watch this space...
For today's quick post I have a big finish to show you. As you might've guessed from the title I finally reached the end of my granny stripe blanket odyssey. I'm not going to go into lots of detail about the yarn or the pattern as I bored you  shared that with you back here. This blanket is HUGE! Definitely the biggest I have made so far, I haven't actually spread it all out on a flat surface & measured it's finished size as it is bigger than my biggest patch of clear floor! But I can tell you it comfortably covers three of us on the couch both width & length wise (and as we have folks over 6ft in this house that last one is not a small measurement!). Despite it's size I was quite surprised it only took a couple of balls of each color, but then there are seventeen of them... I finished it off with pretty much the same kind of border as Lucy's one (found here) right up until the final round. Instead I worked the last round of this shell border which seemed to fit better with my blanket. So would you like to see how it turned out? OK here you go then...
 I pegged it out on the washing line for a couple of quick snaps - as you can see it's almost touching the ground!
Well I have a bit of hand sewing calling my name tonight so I am hopping off to do that. Thank you for stopping by my little spot of Blogland, I hope you enjoyed your visit!