Friday, 13 September 2013

Stitchy hooky happenings...

Hello there!
Well I finally worked out how to link my facebook page & my pintrest boards up with my blog! (After how many months???!!) Please do come & visit me using the buttons to the right hand side of the page. I think it's also time for a new banner photo at the top...hmmm..... it's good to do a little cyberspace housekeeping from time to time isn't it?
Although much of my head recently has been buzzing with The Big Quilting Project I have been taking little breaks & spending some days doing other things. I have tried to ensure I take out my big cross stitch UFO The Wave at least once a week. Some days I find it easier to get into the groove with this one than other days, do you find this sometimes too? I am making progress with it, but it is going to be a long time before I have even one finished page out of the four (& even longer if it sits untouched for days on end...). Well this is how far I have gotten with it now...
There's a whole lot more of the sunset filled in now & I am thinking it's about time to add some more of the horses down below. On the days when I can hit that groove I am enjoying this, but it is definitely easier to work on without the distraction of the TV/ other humans around!
Now while I should really be concentrating on this project (and I did try to be good!) I ended up starting something new! A trip to Aberdeen resulted in me finding the perfect fabric for a cross stitch cushion project that has been on my mind for a couple of years...
 It was one of those charts where it was love at first sight, you know? It appeared in an issue of Crossstitcher magazine in 2010 & the threads & fabric for it  have been sitting waiting for some time now so when I spied this fat quarter I couldn't resist any longer - I just had to start it! Here it is... 
I slightly changed the reds in the cowboys' shirt to better match the red in the fabric as I'm not sure at this stage if I shall use that fabric just to make the back of the finished cushion or to frame the stitching on the front as well. I have really been enjoying stitching this, I've never used 25 count fabric before but I'm liking the slightly chunkier look of it worked over two with three strands of floss :-)
I have also been busy knitting (both sleeves of my sweater are now finished!) and crocheting, particularly in the evenings. It has been a while since I've had a blanket on my hooks so a few weeks back I thought it was about time to remedy that. As it has been so beautifully warm this summer I wanted to make a blanket square by square rather than bake under an ever growing row by row blanket - the only problem was which one of the many lovely blocks out there to pick! In the end I decided on the squared version of the African Flower which you can find here - this is such a pretty block! I have also been admiring a lot of the rainbow colored and stained glass effect projects on Pintrest &, while I'm not a big fan of working with black yarn, I found two balls in my basket bought some of this dark purple at a local shop back in the January sales. I thought that it would provide a suitably dark substitute for black in this project...
Once again some of these colors aren't accurately captured by my camera - the lilacs & jades on the bottom row are not so "washed out" looking in the flesh but I have always had problems with jade greens for some reason! (any suggestions gratefully received!) This isn't going to be a HUGE blanket, I'm thinking more of a lap blanket size, probably somewhere around 63 squares (that would be 7 x 9 rows) plus a border. I currently have 11 squares finished so have quite a ways to go! Again that is no problem, as with the last blanket I am in no hurry with this one, there is no deadline hanging over my head & it's all about the journey...
Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed your visit! Wishing you have a lovely weekend however you are spending it :-)



  1. Great progress on the Wave Helen! I've stitched this one for my sister in law :) Some of it is half stitches so I'm sure you'll go through it very quickly!

    1. Thank you Mii! It is a lovely design, I must admit I'm finding it a bit hard to keep motivated on this one... have a great week!

  2. Be looking forward to your new picture...I always love the bright colors on your afghans...I love the squares you have there as well...Mark liked them as well...:o)

    1. Thanks Cathy, they might be a nightmare to photograph but I wouldn't be without my bright colors ;-) I've seen so many lovely things made with that square, it's a really versatile one! xox

  3. That fabric is so perfect for that stitch! I so so so love those squares! The dark purple you found (wink wink!) looks beautiful.

    1. It is isn't it? The squares are working up nicely, it's lovely when an impulse buy works out just perfectly for a project isn't it?! xox


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