Monday, 4 November 2013

A little peak....

Hello hello!
Today I thought I would take you for a little look around my new sewing room. It's just about two months since number two son left home for university leaving us with our first "spare room" in a great many years! Firstly I made a little something for the door...
Isn't he cute? A little Grim Ripper mini quilt (free pattern here) to guard my room :-) Would you like to come in now?

We moved our large table (51" square!) up from the kitchen to be my dedicated sewing table. It takes up a lot of space but gives me a huge area for cutting fabric/ organising projects/ working on which is fab! (Even better I don't have to clean bits of last nights' supper off it before I get fabric out on it now!) We also moved my sewing machine wall hanging up from the front room to the wall next to the mirror - I have lots of empty wall space to fill up in here! 
Over in this corner above the fold out bed I have a couple of shelves for craft books, folders filled with cross stitch charts, and a gathering of amis & the gorgeous mushroom house & felt heart hanging made by Lori from Hippywitch Crafts...
On the shelf under the window I have the lovely & ever-so-detailed Wee Witchy doodle drawn for me by the very talented Steph from DollyDollyDaydreams... 
On the wall behind the door I have filled the boys' old bookshelves with craft magazines, cross stitch kits, sewing notions, and boxes of yarn, floss, and fabric. At the moment I am using the clothes horse for fabrics that might make it into the quilt I am working on for my son (can you see the Halls of Khazad Dum block hanging over the top edge?). In the corner by the window I have a comfy chair & a bright light for hand sewing up here. Nearby my big project bag is sitting on the floor next to the little wooden drawers containing ribbons, beads, and other haberdashery items. It really is lovely to have everything in one place and not to have to go up to the cold loft to look for things! Another big plus is that I can leave what I'm working on out & just close the door behind me - I have claimed as extra crafting time the time I used to spend getting things out & tidying away at the end of the day :-) Also we have now found that big kitchen that came with the house we bought ten years ago!!  
I hope you enjoyed having a little peak at my new room - I feel very spoiled to have a whole room to use like this! Thank you for visiting here today, I hope to be back soon to share some other projects with you... until then have a lovely week!


  1. What a great craft room....lucky you! It looks great - so neat and tidy. Enjoy!

  2. Your Craft Room looks fantastic!! I wish I had a solid table like you..back home I had one 8 foot long to make my quillo' kitchen is great as well...everything looks so neat and clean...My craft room is nearing the completion, but still not enough space! LOL...

  3. Jealous! It looks fabulous and really big. I can't fit in my craft room it's so full of boxes of stock now! January after the Christmas rush has been delegated official strip the room out and start again month :-) I will regain my room! xx

  4. Just one question....when can I move in!?!? ^_^ It looks amazing Helen! Such a fab space for you to make all of your gorgeous creations. I have to say the Grim reaper is awesome! I love him. I have twitchy fingers where I just want to have a nosey through all of your crafty stuff! Better not invite me in after all! ^_-

  5. Oooh I love your sewing room! That is a dream of mine one day so I can leave my sewing machine out rather than having to box it up every time I finish with it!


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