Saturday, 18 January 2014

A fresh start...

Hello hello!
How are you? Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, sorry I have been gone so long, but for a while there I wasn't really sure if I was going to keep on blogging... A lot has changed for me in the almost two years since I started writing here and in recent months I have been wondering just why I am trying to find the time to do this?! Last year I got ever so behind with my posts, there were a number of projects which never made it into a published post, for a while I was a lot more intent on actually producing things than documenting the process. A big part of this was down to having fewer headache free days, on the days I felt really good I wanted to be busy creating! I do enjoy the community I have found here in Blogland &, although I would like to spend less time in front of the computer & more on making things, I am not quite ready to walk away yet. I don't do New Year's resolutions but I do think that the beginning of the year presents us with an opportunity to re-evaluate a few things & make a fresh start. So....this year I am going to try to...
1) Finish off the various projects which are lurking in a half finished state around my sewing room. Each time I finish one I am allowed to start something else off my "wanna make list" :-)
2) Give myself more time to "enjoy the ride" on projects by (as far as possible) not setting deadlines, and where a deadline is inevitable giving that project a much earlier start date than I have previously! Instead of thinking "oh I should be able to finish that in a few weeks so I won't start it till x" I am going to try & identify anything which needs to be done to a deadline this year & then do them! Now!
3) Carry on making things for Christmas all year. Just a couple of small things per month but (if I can stick to it) I will have 20 things made towards Christmas by Halloween!
4) Lastly I am going to be a bit more choosy about who I spend hours & hours making handmade cards & gifts for. I feel really mean about this but it is a plain fact that some folks appreciate the time & effort way more than others do, and in this house it is also a fact that I have bumped projects hubbie & the kids have asked me to make for them down the list time & time again in favor of projects for other folks. For example I have two t shirts sitting under my bed which were bought for my daughter who wants specific things cross stitched on them. I have the charts, the thread, everything to get these done but they have sat there for 2 1/2 years so that last week when I thought "right I'm going to start one of them" she tried the shirt on & it doesn't fit her any longer! Oooops! Just because I can make cards doesn't mean it is a crime to actually go & buy one once in a while!
Well these are my four goals for the year, I am aiming to pop in here & share the journey with you as & when I am able.
This week has been cold & frosty here complete with freezing fog at times - yuck!- but I popped into the garden to capture some white rimmed plants with the camera...
Despite the cold, the days are gradually getting longer, we have noticeably more daylight in the afternoon than we did at Christmas :-) It might not feel like it out there, but Spring is on it's way - these little primulas are just waiting for it to warm up a bit! 
My first finish of the year has been very timely, a warm & snuggly cowl made with some lovely chunky yarn I bought on our trip to London last Fall (Patons Big Fab Color). I knitted it up on HUGE 10mm needles (which felt like telegraph poles!) using a free pattern from Ravelry found here.
 After a couple of false starts I worked out what I was meant to be doing & then it just flew by! I just kept repeating the pattern until I was pretty much out of yarn, then after blocking used the tail to sew the two ends together. I might be making another one in the not too distant future as my daughter has been trying to kidnap it ;-)
As you can see the January daylight has been really affecting the colors in photographs, I have a couple of stitchy finishes to share with you but need to have another try with the camera as they have come out really poorly!! Thank you for visiting me here today, I hope you have a lovely weekend :-)



  1. Don't feel guilty about not blogging. There are no rules, if you don't have time it doesn't matter, it should be enjoyable!
    I have found 'scheduling' posts are quite useful, to write a post when I have more time, knowing it will 'pop' onto my blog at a later time is good.
    Your cowl is lovely!

    1. Thank you! I might need to check out that scheduling deal... have a great week :-)

  2. Hi Helen!

    Well I can't criticize as it's been over a year since I blogged last, lol! Ooops! Something had to go as I just couldn't fit everything in any more.
    I decided on the last of your goals last year and have bought a lot of cards since for birthdays and the like. It's true, it's no crime to buy some. It's true a lot of people don't appreciate it and the time it takes, make more for yourself! I should do that last bit too :-)
    Here's to a great year for us! xxx

    1. Hi Lori!
      I don't see how you fit in everything you do anyways these days!!! Here's to realistic goals, a bit of planning, & a great year ahead :-) xxx

  3. Don't give up on blogland! I would miss you. Just enjoy it, post when you want to, catch up when you can. i think most everyone is in the same position, it can take a fair few hours to catch up sometimes which we haven't always got, plus with bad heads it must sometimes be a nightmare. Don't be hard on yourself about it. BIG hugs for you. Also...I buy Xmas card all the time now, it's not bad or anything, it's practical. It is not selfish to give yourself some time too...ok, off of my soap box and thinking maybe I will take some of my own advice!! lol Oh the Xmas goal has made me have guilt issues! That was my thing too wasn't it!! Gah!! ;-) xox

    1. Awww thanks Steph! I think I will just take it as it goes & not beat myself up about it ;-) Oh don't have guilt over the Christmas goal - even if you make one or two things during the year you'll still be ahead! ^_^ Have a lovely weekend XOX


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