Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hitting those goals!

Hello hello!
Today I have two stitchy finishes to share with you. Both of them were projects I had meant to have finished before Christmas but neither of them worked out that way! The first one is the Mystery Sampler Stitch Along run by Paulette of Plum Street Samplers which I last blogged about here. By the end of November when all the parts were published I was *only* three weeks behind... 
 So here it was after week 6...Time to get a move on if I wanted this done for Christmas...
Here is week 7... 
...and week 8... and that is where it all came to a grinding halt again.
For a start I was seriously running out of time on two other projects intended as Christmas presents (yes, for my long suffering family). Also, much as I had enjoyed all the parts of this stitch up to this point, I wasn't really all that fussed about the border that finished it off. I am not really a fan of borders. Oh I really like the look of them but I don't like the repetitive actual stitching of them ;-) If it really has to be done, if it adds that final crowning glory to a piece then ok I will do it, but in this case I wondered if I could come up with something else that would work. I had a few ideas milling around in the back of my mind but for the time being this went on the back burner...
When I actually got the graph paper & pencil out it only took me a few hours to work out something I was happy with. Every part of the sampler had been posted with an accompanying Bible reference, mainly from Luke chapter 2, so I decided to use verse 14. I had to paraphrase it slightly to get it to fit but this is what I ended up with...
What do you think???
The second stitchy finish of this month is one of those aforementioned Christmas presents (neither of which got finished in time). Many of you know I try to stitch a Somebunny to Love in secret for Hubbie for Christmas/his birthday/ our anniversary. One year I even got one done in time for Valentines! Yeah four in a year! I was on a roll ;-) Well this year the Bunny was nowhere near ready for Dec. 25 but I carried on working on him when I could & finally finished him the other week. He is stitched on sparkly white aida (which looks lovely in real life but refuses to show up in a photograph!) & I already had the fabric picked out that I wanted to use to make him into a little wallhanging. I added a fabric pocket on the back to thread a piece of dowelling through so we can hang him up next December...
So these will be my January projects towards Christmas, and, as I got two already started pieces finished, I allowed myself a new start! YAY! I picked the Spring Fairy by Joan Elliott which has been sitting waiting for me to start for ... ummm.... well lets just say a long time! This is what she looks like... 
 This is how far I have gotten...
Not much, but it's a start :-) This week I am hoping to have a stitchy week, focussing on this apart from one day which I will spend working on a UFO project. I will show you my progress in my next post (and hopefully remember to photograph the UFO too!). I hope you have a lovely productive week however you spend it :-)   


  1. Oh I love your little bunny finish, it's so cute!

    1. Thanks Mii! Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Great stitching. It's really hard trying to get everything done in time for Christmas...we all run out of time. Love the somebunny cute!

    1. Thanks Rhona! Oh one day I will learn & start Christmas things early ;-) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I think the Xmas SAL looks gorgeous! I love that a lot ^_^ Aww!! the bunny stitch is so cute! nice start on the fairy too. XOX

    1. Thank you Steph! Have to hop over & see what you've been up to too ^_^ XOX


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