Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Quilt (Almost) Finish!!!

Hello there!
Today I have a big (almost) finish to share with you! Do you remember the geek quilt I started back here for my younger son? The plan was to have this finished for him for Christmas, but around Dec. 18 I had to give up & admit this was not going to happen. But now the top is finally finished!!!! I joined the 8" blocks with 2" black sashing strips, added a 2" black border, & then a 7" green outer border. And Taa-Dah!!!

Out of the thirty three blocks in this quilt I ended up using eighteen from the wonderful resource that is Fandom In Stitches. This left me fifteen to design myself... I would never have attempted this if it weren't for the free design software called Quilt Assistant that I found via the Fandom In Stitches website under their "Quilting Help" tab. Even so some of these blocks took me a while to get to a workable pattern, only one was finally abandoned as unworkable & the offspring was asked to pick an already written pattern from the site as a replacement! (If you're wondering, he had been after the three-headed Targaryen dragon from Game of Thrones - ugh!). I knew right from the start that I wanted to make the fifteen I have developed myself available for anyone who is interested in them via the Fandom In Stitches site, but I have also decided to add them on here under a new tab "Free Patterns" (see top of page). Three of them are available now, the Minecraft Creeper...
 ...and two from the Portal game, the Portal Man In....
 ...and the Companion Cube...
This last one is basically paper pieced with an applique heart in the center of the block and a wee bit of embroidery. (I also learnt a bit about fabric choice on this block, I think it would look a lot better with a plain contrasting fabric as the background but my son likes it like this so I left it as is.)
If you have any problems downloading them (or if you have any issues with the patterns themselves) please email me and I will do my best to help :-) I am working on writing the other twelve patterns up & converting them into pdfs for easy download... in my spare time lol ;-)
So this quilt is an Almost Finish as it still needs quilting & binding, but right now I'm waiting on the arrival of a big black sheet courtesy of ebay to use as backing so progress has stopped.
I have also been stitching a bit, here is this weeks progress on Spring Fairy...
Still really loving this! Progress should be a bit quicker now I'm past her fiddly hair (also I've been working on a secret stitch for hubbie for valentines, so not so many stitchy hours on fairy this week!). I also managed to fit in a bit more work on Popcorn...
Thank you for visiting me today, and for all your lovely comments on my last post - I really appreciate folks taking the time to write me! I hope to be back later in the week with some crochet to share with you, until then have a great week!


  1. The quilt is the most awesomely clever and amazing thing ever! You should only feel chuffed to chuckles about it ^_^ Also it's pretty darn cool that you have made your own patterns. Nice progress on the fairy stitch and I love Popcorn ^_^ XOX

    1. Awww, thanks Steph ;-) You're so sweet! It's encouragement like that that keeps me going! XOX

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from Italy!
    Your blog is really nice... and the quilt is really original!
    Have a nice day,

    1. Hi Roberta! Thank you so much for your sweet comments, I hope you enjoy visiting here often! Have a lovely weekend,


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