Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mini Highland fashion show :-)

Hello there!
There seemed to be a distinct "clothing" theme going on here last month which I want to share with you today (hence the title of this post). About the middle of May I finally finished my basic sweater which I started back here when we went to the Lake District. It turned out pretty much as I had envisioned it, and it has survived a couple of trips through the washing machine just fine! :-) I'm kinda hoping it won't get worn so much now we're into summer but this is Scotland so who knows!
I've now started knitting a simple ribbed jumper for Little H which should go much quicker as there are the same number of stitches across the back of his jumper as there were in the sleeves of my one!
A speedier project last month involved this plain shirt which I bought at Asda...
I just love this style of shirt but, as I mainly live in jeans, the all over denim look can be a bit much. I decided it needed a bit of color other than blue so found some little embroidery designs on Pinterest and picked this one to embroider above the pockets. I hit a slight problem as the shirt material was too thick to clearly see the pattern through & my blue washable pen predictably didn't show up... Google to the rescue! I traced the design onto tissue paper, pinned it onto the shirt, & sewed right through the two layers. When I was done I carefully picked all the remaining bits of tissue paper off, tweezers helped with some of the widgy bits. It worked a treat!
I added three little red beads in the flower centers and voila! 
The color looks a bit washed out in these last pictures because we have had some sunny days - so much more light in the house, I'm certainly not complaining! ;-)
The last project took a bit longer than the shirt, but really at the heart of it, it is a simple little pattern. I absolutely love watching The Great British Sewing Bee in the springtime & this year I decided I would buy the book to accompany the series. Many years ago I used to do a lot of dressmaking & I figured a book that was aimed at beginners would be a good refresher course for me. I saw it on a bargain deal & snapped it up (last one on the shelf!) feeling as proud as punch until I actually tried to start making the Easy Sew Short Skirt. A quick look on Google revealed many other unhappy customers complaining of lots of errors in the book :( So what was meant to be a simple happy afternoon turned into a stress filled few days as I tried to work out exactly what was right & what was wrong in the instructions. All the way through I was second & third guessing myself! In the end I found five mistakes in this pattern including cutting out instructions being wrong (which meant I ended up with about half a metre of leftover fabric), and the elastic listed in the materials list being too wide to fit in the completed waistband (which meant I had to go buy narrower elastic)!!! I made a note of all the corrections I made to the pattern as I went along so it should be a quick, stress free project to make another time! This has really put me off the other patterns in the book, which is slightly problematic as my daughter & I already chose & bought fabric for another skirt! In all she had picked six different patterns from the book she wanted me to make for her but I don't think that will be happening now! I will tackle the skirt we have the fabric for sometime soon, maybe I'll wait until my mother visits and we can do it together as she also did a lot of dress making back in the day...
Anyways back to this skirt... Now it's finished my daughter is happy with it & has worn it several times now which is the main thing. The fabric she chose for this is a light, floaty cotton & it drapes & moves really nicely when worn (maybe there's enough left over for a strappy top?). We took a few pics in the garden to show you...

Well I hope you have been also enjoying some sunny days outside recently, thank you for visiting here today, I hope to be back soon with some new creatures to share with you!


  1. Well you have been a little sewing bee!! The skirt for your daughter is absolutely lovely, great choice of fabric. I love your knitted jumper too!!

    1. Thank you Mii! She picked the fabric herself so all credit for that belongs with her (she has a great eye I think!) ;-) I have been wearing the jumper this week as our weather got colder - typical huh?! Hope your week is going well,

  2. Lovely makes! The jumper is lovely and I love how you jazzed up that shirt! So clever. Oh! I LOVE the skirt! that's amazing! Lovely fabric. XOX

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments Steph! ^_^ Number two son thinks the jumper is mad (so that's probably why it suits me ;-)) I'm really starting to see a lot of potential with embroidery...E picked lovely fabric didn't she? XOX


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