Saturday, 12 July 2014

If you go down to the woods today...

Hello there!
Today I have some new creatures to share with you! A little while ago a friend asked me if I could make two characters for her children from the computer game Minecraft. These characters are blocky pixelated baddies which might make them brilliant to recreate in Lego but as an ami? Not so much! Regular fluffy toy stuffing wants to go round, curvy, squishy, not flat & boxy! I had a little hunt online and found a pattern here by Hats All Folks. This pattern uses rectangular kitchen sponges cut to size to stuff the amis with, other patterns I have seen use plastic canvas which might make the sides even flatter but probably wouldn't be as cuddly? I decided to try the Creeper first & the sponges seemed to work pretty well! Would you like to see?

My kids (who have played Minecraft and know these creatures) said this was a pretty accurate Creeper so mission accomplished! He was fairly straightforward to work up, I used a worsted weight/ aran yarn and my trusty F/ 3.75mm hook and he turned out 7" tall.
So now for the second character, the Enderman. From the pictures I knew he was meant to be a lot taller than the Creeper, but I hadn't reckoned on him taking more than one 100g ball of yarn! I had picked Stylecraft Special Aran (which is 100% acrylic) and was really happy with the way it worked up, I will definitely use this for more amis in the future. I had hoped to finish him within a few days but when the yarn ran out I had to place an order online & then wait for it to arrive. Once I was restocked I was able to finish his limbs off & sew him all together....
I told you they were scary ;-) 
But it didn't take long for them to become friends...
While I was waiting for the black yarn to arrive I made a start on another ami. I adapted Stacey's brilliant unicorn pattern (available here) to make a Miles! Who is Miles I hear you ask? He is the mascot of the NFL team Denver Broncos so I made him with team colors & worked his body & limbs to look like he's wearing a football strip...
...complete with embroidered numbers on the front...
Later in the year he will be going on a trip with Hubbie & me to meet his forever owner ;-)
Thank you for visiting with me today, next time I will have a new blanket addiction to share with you!
Until then I hope you have a lovely week full of things which make you smile :-)


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    1. Thanks Mii! Have a lovely week, Helen x

  2. Fantastic finishes. They all look wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much! Have a lovely week,

  3. Awesome! The Minecraft amis came out perfectly and Miles is brilliant! XOX

    1. Thanks Steph :-) I seem to be crocheting a lot recently... Have a lovely week,
      Helen XOX

  4. Wonderful characters Helen and I'm sure Miles is going to be very welcome in his new home!
    Hope you have a great new week,
    Susan x

    1. Thank you Susan! Hope your week brings you smiles & sunshine,
      Helen x


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