Saturday, 27 September 2014

A new place to sleep

Hello there!
I hope your week has been good? Mine has been very busy as Hubbie & I are soon off on our travels again! But first I wanted to share a yarny project with you that has been on my crochet hook this summer. As some of you know we have two cats, Pippa & Felix, who came to live here a few years ago. This summer Pippa decided to pick two new sleeping places - either on the stairs *eeeek! not keen on that!* or in this chair...
This would be the ONLY chair in the house I would rather not share with the cats, can you see my cross stitching stuff all spread out round it?! The cats also like cuddling up on top of any crochet blanket they can find so I thought maybe if I made Pippa her own crocheted cat bed she might give up the stairs & my chair! So one warm sunny day I took some yarn, a hook, and my laptop outside to start working something up...
I wrote the pattern up on my laptop as I worked so that I could share it with you lovely folks, and after a few days this is what we had...
It got a road test pretty much immediately...

I think she likes it?!
Well a little while later she woke up & wandered off, and her brother moved in!
As you can see Felix is bigger than his sister, but nonetheless he decided this MUST be his!
Once it was moved inside he took up permanent ownership & Pippa resumed her position on the stairs or in my chair....
So there was nothing for it but to make a new one for her...
With a few other things going on it took me a little while to get round to this & by the time I was ready to start it I had noticed a few flaws with my original design. Well, maybe not flaws per se but things I wanted to change second time round. So I started over and after a few evenings this is what I had...
...and it wasn't long until a little someone found her new snuggly place...

I rewrote the pattern as I went so at some point I will post it under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the page for any of you who would like to make one for your own little fur baby.
As I said at the top of the post Hubbie & I are off on our travels very soon and this time I'm hoping to tame my Android tablet to the point where I can blog from it! So fingers crossed I will be able to share some of our adventures with you ;-) Of course I have a couple of projects that are going with me, I have heard that some people just read or sleep on flights but that isn't me! Earlier in the year I bought this pattern... 
I am not a fan of spiders but my daughter is so I plan on making the spider for her & the pumpkin for our house. The spider needs around 170 little fabric yo-yo's so I thought the long journey would be the perfect opportunity to get sewing. I don't have all the fabric I need for this project yet but I had enough to make a start. I spent a few hours drawing circles on the back using a plastic template...
...cutting them out... 
...until I had enough to keep me busy sewing for a while! 
As long as airport security is ok about letting me on with one small embroidery needle I shall be happily turning these into little yo-yo's as we fly...
Thank you for visiting here today, and a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to leave me comments - I love hearing from you! :-) 


  1. Can't wait to see how your yo-yo project turns out!

    1. Thank you Mary! I had great fun with it on the planes, but still not made enough, think it needs to go on hold until after Christmas now but I will try & remember to take some progress pics ;-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Awww! Pippa is such a sweetheart. And Felix too of course ^_^ Hope you have a fabulous time. lots of love xox

    1. Thanks, they are pretty cutesome ;-) Cats are awesome animals all round I think... xox

  3. I meant to add that the cat beds are brilliant! I am saying it now! XOX

    1. LOL! They seem to like them so that's all good (plus it used up a lot of this rather scratchy 20% wool yarn that I was given a while back ;-) they don't seem to care about the wool content unlike me!) xox


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