Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Back at last!!

Hello there!
Sorry it has been a while since I posted, the last few months have disappeared in a whirl! I hope you all had a lovely summer? In between making lots of things for other folks I got around to stitching this little guy onto a plain hoodie for myself. Those of a "certain age" might recognise Tiny Clanger, and to those of you who are unfamiliar with The Clangers may I redirect you here? It probably looks a bit quaint and dated now but I adored The Clangers above all other TV shows when I was little - after all what else combined outer space, music, and a friendly Dragon so well?! 
So what else has been going on around here? Well, with six weeks notice my son decided to get married!!! No time to make a special quilt but just enough time to squeeze in a wedding sampler...
This design is by Gail Bussi and was in an issue of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine a few years ago, here's a close up of it...
I also made them a card for the special day, the cross stitched part is a design by Maria Diaz which appeared in CrossStitcher's Handmade Cards bookazine (published in 2012) ...
It hasn't all been hand stitching around here though, my sewing machine has been whirring busily too. Today I'm going to share just one of these projects with you. Earlier in the summer this brushed cotton begged to come home with me... 
Isn't that cute????!!!!
As if I needed further convincing it was in the clearance section too!! I decided to buy a metre of each colorway and make it into a simple reversible quilt for the new baby joining our family later in the year. I used quite a thick, fluffy polyester wadding for the middle layer, quilted diagonal lines across it, and bound it with some plain blue cotton from my stash...

What do you think? You can kind of see how thick & fluffy it is by how the edges don't look straight in the photos! But there is no way to convey how soft & cloud-like the fabric & wadding combo is other than by grabbing a big squishy handful for yourself :-) The parents-to-be liked it & hopefully our new little grandson will approve when he gets here.
Well I'm going to leave it there just now, I have lots of other projects to share with you, plus I have been writing up a tutorial for the spotty border on my Little Squares of Happy baby blanket so I'm hoping to be back with that real soon. Thank you for visiting here today, I hope the rest of your week brings you the chance to do something you enjoy! :-)


  1. Great stitching. The wedding sampler is just lovely. The baby blanket looks so sweet.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I need to pop over & see what you've been up to recently :-) Have a great week, Helen

  2. Love the quilt, the fabric is just adorable!!!
    Love the Clanger stitching too... how sweet :) xox

    1. Thank you Mii, yes, I just couldn't resist that fabric! It was so nice to get back to a bit of cross stitching too :-) Have a lovely week,
      Helen xox

  3. I love your makes Helen! Tiny Clanger is awesome!! Wedding stitches are beautiful and the blanket looks so snuggly.XOX

    1. Awww, thanks Steph! Must admit I'm looking forward to wearing my hoodie & taking Tiny places ;-) XOX


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