Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A good yarn...

Hello there!
Today I want to take a break from the travelogue & share with you some of the other yarny projects I worked on over the summer. It will come as no surprise to long time readers of this blog that one of these is a new blanket ;-)
Way back when I started making blankets Hubbie asked if I could make one for him. In fact I started some squares for one back here but he didn't seem particularly taken with them so I stopped & started the rainbow flower circle blanket for my daughter instead. Every now & then Hubbie comments on how everyone else gets blankets & he's still waiting, & I promise him that I really will do one for him soon!!!!! so after I finished the little squares of happy blanket I decided it was time to finally make good on that promise! There are many gorgeous blankets pinned on my Crochet Blankets board on Pinterest but Hubbie particularly liked the Tetris blankets. So I picked some bright Tetris colors...
...and we worked out a layout on the computer. I chose to make my version of the Tetris blanket using solid granny squares and they started working up nicely. The only slight problem I am having is that the colors don't play nice with my digital camera! I have tried setting after setting, in various places. Out in the garden...
...and inside...
I can't seem to do the rich colors justice, and that bottom row in particular bugs me - you can barely see that four of those squares are royal blue & four of them are a rich purple! Oh well you will just have to believe me it looks so much better in the flesh ;-) Anyways, this blanket is growing quite nicely & I took a ball of black yarn away with me to carry on working up some squares while we were traveling. I hooked up quite a few  sitting in the airport, while Hubbie drove down the Interstate, or on evenings we spent hanging out with family & friends. All too soon my ball of yarn ran out... There is no real clock on this project, at one point I had hoped to have it ready for Christmas but now I have realised that isn't practical so I will just enjoy the journey & I will keep you posted...
There were two other knitty projects I managed to finish before we left, one was this little sweater for my grandson...
I was glad I had taken a few photos while it was on the blocking mats because I found it's quite hard to get a lively two year old to hold still & model his new sweater for you!!

The yarn is Sirdar's Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle Effect so it does all the work in this pattern which is actually pretty simple (an all over rib which makes it very stretchy so hopefully it will fit him for a while...). The pattern was in Love Knitting for Baby magazine April/May issue & I used the suggested yarn, just in a darker colorway. It's a very soft yarn to work with but (as a gran of two boys) I wish there were more colorways for boys as the majority of them have pink in. 
The other project was a sweater for me. I bought the yarn for this when we were down in the Lake District earlier in the year & have been itching to start it! This is the pattern I used...
...and this is the yarn I picked...
I know, it has that dreaded word "Merino" on the label! But this time round it is only 10% merino, the rest of it is an acrylic nylon mix and the end result is really gorgeously squishy & soft! Now thanks to this chunky yarn & the fact that I really enjoyed working on this pattern it worked up really quickly - just one month which is definitely a record for me! It's also the best fitting jumper I have made for myself so far, the arms are long enough, the neckline is nice (not too scoopy), and it's not too baggy overall... would you like a look?

It's lovely & warm & snuggly to wear & it has washed several times now with no problems so I think I might well be knitting another one of these in a different colorway at some point ;-) James C Brett yarns are not stocked by any of my local stores so this is the first time I have used one - but I will be tracking them down online because I really love this yarn!!! I'm looking forward to finding out what other goodies they might make :-)
Thank you for visiting with me here today, I will be back soon with the next part of our travels to share with you. Until then I hope you have a lovely week full of things which make you smile :-)


  1. Granny squares are a great portable project! The blanket is looking fab....even though the colours aren't looking exactly as they are in real life :) The jumper for your grandson is adorable, I do hope it lasts him a while as it's wonderful. Love your jumper too. Hope you find more of the yarn.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments Rhona! It's hard to beat a good granny square isn't it? ;-) Hope you're having a lovely stitchy week,

  2. Oh I love your jumper! For some reason cameras don't seem to like purple wool! The blanket does look fab though. xox

    1. Thank you! The jumper is very cosy :-) Yes, I've looked it up online now & there are techy reasons for it but basically digital cameras don't see purple :( We will just have to imagine it ;-) xox

  3. you make such lovely things ! American trip looks amazing!

    1. Awww, thanks Dvorah *blushes* Oh yes the trip was awesome, lots more pics to come as I gradually sort through them all... hope all is good with you & yours? Have a great week! Helen xx


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