Saturday, 28 March 2015

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Hello there!
It's been a while hasn't it? I hope all is good with you? Has Spring arrived yet in your part of the world? Or are you heading into Autumn instead? Whichever way & however slowly your seasons are changing they are changing & personally I am ready to be Done With Winter. Although I enjoy sitting inside under a cosy blanket listening to the wind howling down the chimney while I stitch/crochet/knit I would like something different now. Just as I am loving seeing the days lighten & lengthen, I am looking forward to being able to sit outside with a cup of tea, and walk the dog without bundling up in a thick jacket, mittens, & hat first!
Last November on our final morning in Denver three lovely skeins of this irresistible yarn called to me & I hoped it would be enough to make myself new mittens, scarf, & a hat for this winter.
It is Lion Brand Heartland yarn, the colorway is called Sequoia & it really is a gorgeous mixture of brown squishy goodness! In January I decided to make a start on some mittens & picked this free pattern from Lion Brand. They worked up really quickly & in just three days I had brand new flip top mittens to keep my fingers toasty...
They are lovely and warm and snuggly and the flip tops are so practical when I'm out with the dog three times a day.
I have also been working on another pair of mittens that took me slightly longer to complete. When I came across these and the matching scarf on Ravelry I knew it would be just a matter of time before I knitted them for my daughter because she is a HuGe Harry Potter fan. They are based on the scarf & mittens worn by Hermione in the sixth Harry Potter film & I made a start on them back in December. I do enjoy fair isle patterns & these were no exception but as they are worked with fine fingering weight yarn (loads of tiny stitches) I had to be feeling really spot on to see what I was doing & make any progress on them. Also there was a rather scary new-to-me technique involved in them called an afterthought thumb - the scary bit comes when you start the thumb by pulling the bit of waste yarn out to make a hole in your knitting! :0 However there is a great tutorial here and they were done in time for my daughter to collect when she came home for Mother's Day the other weekend... 

For a bit of simpler knitting in between working on the Hermione inspired mittens I made a little tank top for Baby C. The pattern was in an issue of Knit Now magazine & I changed the colors to match the little socks I knitted for him for Christmas...
How cute is that?! I know he will grow out of it in a flash but I just couldn't resist! It was a lovely little pattern & I would happily knit this again in bigger sizes & other colorways :-)
I have also spent a little while at my sewing machine working on small projects, a little felt pincushion that caught my eye in a magazine...
It's far from flawless (but as it's for sticking pins in that's just fine) & it was the perfect project to use this pretty button on... 
A simple cover for my tablet based on this tutorial & using some funky owl fabric... 

An appliqued velvet cushion for a birthday gift for one of my daughter's flatmates whose loves scottie dogs & the color red...
...and a little cross stitched card to go with it... 
Well that's a little of what I've been up to, thank you for visiting me here today, I hope you have a lovely Easter week! :-)


  1. Oh have been super busy! What wonderful things you have made.Both sets of mittens are gorgeous. The HP ones look really complicated to knit -you did a wonderful job on them. The little tank top for baby is so adorable, it's just such a shame they grow out of them so quickly.
    Happy crafting!

    1. Thank you so much Rhona! Fair isle tends to look complicated but it really isn't, there's never more than two colors per row so that's one for each hand! ;-) Baby clothes have the added advantage of being quick as they're small, but, as someone who loves the baby stage, it's a shame they grow up so quickly! Have a lovely crafty week :-)

  2. Wow, you have been so busy!! I love the mitten with the little "hat", so cute & cleaver.
    The colourful pincushion is just perfect but the best is the little baby jumper!!! Sooo cute!!

    1. Thank you Mii! I love mittens but sometimes you really need to access your fingers too so I loved the idea of the flip top :-) Baby clothes are just so cute aren't they? I am having to be very strong resisting all the lovely patterns out there, he is growing like a weed! ;-) Have a lovely stitchy week, Helen x

  3. Wow! How busy have you been?!Oh I just love yarn that speaks to you ^_^ That is a lovely colour and your mitts look lovely. I love the flip tops. The Hermione mitts are awesome! You are so clever. Aww! Love Baby C's little tank top. Love your pin cushion and tablet cover, very pretty. Scotties are always good on anything ^_^ Fab post! Loads of beautiful things to see. XOX

    1. Thank you for you sweet comment Steph! Yes, I'm one of those folks who often has to stroke the yarn and fabric & have conversations with it in the store (often along the lines of "oh hello there I wonder what you would like to be made into? Well you will just have to come home with me while we figure this out") some poeple would call that mad but I think in this little corner of Blogland there are a few of us who understand ;-) XOX


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