Monday, 2 March 2015

Little Creatures and a winner!

Hello there!
Firstly we have a winner in my Blogiversary giveaway - there was just one entrant so the goodies go to Steph! I will get them in the mail to you later today :-)
Today I thought it was about time I showed you the little creatures who have come to live here in recent months. Although we were covering many miles & spending the majority of our time with family & friends on our trip to North America I obviously had to take some crafty projects with me to keep my fingers busy! Along with the black yarn for squares for Hubbie's Tetris blanket I took a couple of the small cover kits from knitting magazines. I knitted all the pieces in the two projects while we were out there and started putting one of them together but neither were finished until we returned to the UK. First up is Robbie Robin, a cheery little chappie designed by Amanda Berry...

Here you can see him sitting amongst the Christmas decorations on the piano, but he enjoyed flying to the book shelves too and seemed very at home there so has stayed for the winter!

The next little chap is most definitely a Christmas character. Another Amanda Berry design, we shortened his name from Rodney to Roddi the Reindeer...

Then in January I did something I rarely do - bought a magazine solely for the cover kit! But when they saw it the family agreed I kind of had to and a few days later Ollie Owl was born...
Here he is sitting on the Tetris blanket which was my major focus at that point. You may have seen him around that time if you follow my facebook page as I posted a pic on there and pretty soon I had a request to make another for a friend who was rather poorly at the time. The pattern works up pretty quickly so within a week a new little owl was winging her way down to the south of England...
Here she is with Ollie before her flight...
Since then my needles have been busy on other projects but I did cast on a new creature too. She is much bigger than these little guys & has many many more pieces but hopefully I will get her finished off this month... 
Thank you for visiting me here today, I hope your day brings happy things your way! 


  1. Oooh they are all SOOO SWEEET!! Love them :)

    1. Thank you Mii! I need to pop over & see what you have been up to recently... happy stitching :-)
      Helen x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Rhona! I need to pop over & see what you have been working on recently... happy stitching!

  3. Lovely makes! Roddi is so sweet! Is that Steph me!?!? XoX

    1. Thanks Steph! See eventually I got back on Blogger ;-) I need to go see what you've been up to now... wishing you a lovely sunny weekend ^_^ xox

  4. your knitted owls and reindeer are so cute :)

    1. Thank you Summer! Have a lovely week,
      Helen :-)


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