Friday, 8 May 2015

Flowers for Friday

Hello there!
Friday already? Wow! So how did your week go? The days and weeks seem to be speeding by here right now & although it's May our weather has taken a decidedly colder turn. This was our view driving back from the city the other day...
Brrrrr.... I am perfectly happy to have snow in winter but not so pleased to see it at this point of the year when our poor cherry & pear trees are trying to blossom! 
I don't think the Camellia was particularly happy about it either... 
Luckily the snow didn't hang around, these are the only kind of snowflakes I welcome at this time of the year!
Aren't they beautiful? I have a few of these Giant Snowflakes nestled in amongst the daffodils at the base of the apple tree and they start flowering just as the daffodils are beginning to fade.
Do you remember a couple of weeks back when I was looking for some garden photos to share with you? Well I found them! At that point our daffodils were in full swing... 
The primulas were putting on a show...

...and the tulips were tight buds full of promise...
The greenhouse was chock full of seedlings & baby plants...
It's only a little greenhouse so it's quite difficult to get pictures in such a tiny space but it makes a huge difference to what I can grow through the year. It's also a lovely space to retreat to when the rain comes on! I can plant up a basket or a tub or sow some more seeds until the shower passes...
This morning we woke to a beautiful blue cloudless sky but boy was it cold out there!

So during this colder snap what else have I been up to? Well I finished stitching Promise Me...
I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching this, I am looking forward to stitching it again for my daughter & will definitely be stitching more Lizzie Kate designs in the future! Now I'm trying to decide if I want to frame it or make it into a wallhanging with a little patchwork fabric frame.... hmmm.... decisions decisions... I haven't sewn the Somebunny stitch into a wallhanging yet either so might finish the two of them together one afternoon.
I found myself missing the hand sewing once I finished the applique snowman kit so I decided to start a new summery wall hanging for the kitchen....
I found this beautiful blue batik fat quarter in my stash, the flower patterns in a magazine, & the butterfly pattern in this years' block a day calendar. I have another butterfly, some embroidery, & buttons to add so it will be a little while before this is hanging on the wall but I am enjoying working on it immensely :-)
After getting very little cross stitch done last week due to my bad head, this week I have caught up on the motifs for Little H's advent calendar...
I am happy to be one third of the way through these now, the gold thread adds a lovely sparkle but there is so much of it I am constantly reminded how much I dislike working with stranded metallic threads! Grrr...
I haven't totally abandoned my yarny projects either, I started a couple of new projects (more about them next time) and finished this sweater for Little H...
The pattern is from the Easy Knitting: Babies and Children book which I picked up in The Works January sale (I often find they have great craft books at very discounted prices to tempt me in there!) and the yarn is Patons Fairytale Soft DK which I bought in February on our trip to Edinburgh. It was lovely to knit with & is very soft & snuggly, and best of all he seems to like it!
Thank you for visiting me here today, I hope you have a lovely weekend doing something you love! I am hoping the weather will be a little warmer so I can get back out in the garden, I shall leave you with one of our pretty tulips :-) 


  1. Yes, the weather has gone colder in Shropshire too :(
    Love the LK finish, it looks lovely!! You definitely must stitch more of her designs, they are all so much fun :)

    1. Hello Mii! :-) It feels more like March here than May, but I keep hoping it will catch up to the right month soon! (I guess I'm not the only one thinking this year is running way too fast lol) Thank you for your lovely comment on the stitching, I need to be good & finish some WIP's first but then I will definitely be digging out some more LK charts I had so much fun on this one! Hope you're having a lovely week,

  2. I think we are quite lucky here in Italy (northern area) : today we'll have about + 32-33°C . The sun is very hot like in full summer .. Hope the low pressure forecast for the weekend will be ..soft.. my roses and the vegetables of my garden would suffer too much! Have a good day, Gloria

    1. Hi Gloria, hope your lovely summer weather has continued, sounds beautiful! May has been very disappointing here, more hail & strong cold winds again today, really hoping June brings some summer our way! Have a lovely weekend,

  3. Lovely garden pics....even with the frost! Brrr! You finished stitching the beautiful Lizzi Kate! awesome ^_^ It's so lovely. Oh that's a gorgeous new wall hanging, so bright and happy. XOX

    1. I'm hoping these are the last frosty ones for a few months... I really loved stitching the Lizzie Kate, can't wait to do it again! Thank you, I've been having fun with the hand sewing, typical that I sat in the sun sewing the snowman & I've sat indoors while it's sleeted & hailed whilst sewing this summery one! XOX


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