Monday, 29 June 2015

Getting organised...

Hello there!
The end of another month is in sight so what have I been up to? Well this year I am trying to get more organised in various areas of the house & especially my sewing room so as to make the most of the time I have for crafting. Sorting through things, reorganising, & rehoming is not very glamorous and rather time consuming but I think it will pay dividends in the end!
Since I have been lucky enough to have my fabric stash grow the last few years I have found it increasingly difficult to actually see what I have when it comes to working with it. I had ironed & folded it all into layers in plastic storage boxes organised predominantly by color but this meant rummaging down the layers to find what I was after. Hubbie came up with a brilliant idea, "why don't you wrap it round bits of cardboard like the bolts in the store? We have loads of empty cardboard boxes in the loft". So I measured my plastic storage boxes to see what size of cardboard would fit width & depth wise & began cutting up cardboard boxes. These pieces are 12" x 8" and I am using them for any fabric I have more than half a yard of.
These then slot in the box on their sides making it easy to see at a glance exactly what you have in each box. Isn't that a lovely sight?!
For fabric I have less of I chose smaller boxes & cut the cardboard for these to just 8" x 4.5"... 

I already keep all my scraps (anything less than a fat quarter) in boxes sorted by color & so far this system is working well, helping with the inspiration, & saving me time finding fabric! But I won't deny it is tedious cutting up the cardboard, I guess I really shouldn't complain, it just shows how blessed I am with so much fabric!!! ;-)
Recently Hubbie & I enjoyed a few days away in Glasgow visiting family, cat sitting, taking in a concert, and fitting in a little shopping too. As Inverness has grown over the years there are less & less stores down in Glasgow that we don't have a branch of up here but one that we can only visit when we go down to the Central Belt is Ikea. Please excuse the rather blurry pic (snapped on my phone) but can you see the attraction of their market hall to me? ;-)
Mmmmm :-) I do love a good wander round here! This is one place I have found still selling 100% cotton bedding at a great price as opposed to the more common poly cotton blend and I picked up a couple of big colorful bedsheets to use as quilt backings. Then Hubbie spotted these picture ledges & had another brain wave. "Would these be any good for ribbon storage?" he asked. See how well trained he is?!! We bought two for my sewing room & one to use in the front room for more traditional purposes, and yes! They are absolutely perfect for my ribbons!
Another little purchase made just the other day were some plain wooden clothes pegs. Have you seen Lucy's yarn pegs that she uses to plan color combos? Well as I have been adding a few squares here & there to the Giant Little Squares of Happiness blanket I have been thinking about trying this system out. As we are about to enter Wimbledon fortnight & I plan on indulging in afternoons in front of the tennis working up lots of little squares I decided to see if yarn pegs would help any. I found a pack of 50 pegs for 99p at a local bargain store & yesterday afternoon I wound these little beauties up...
I will let you know if I find them helpful as opposed to just plain pretty!
Thank you for visiting me here today, and a special thank you to those who take the time to comment on my posts, it's lovely to hear from you! I have quite a few finished projects to share with you but I think that will need to wait for my next post, meanwhile I hope you have a lovely week!


  1. Your storage ideas are brilliant. Thanks...will try do something like that with my fabric for the new house, my fabric is a big the picture ledge ideas. Brilliant.

    1. Thank you Dvorah, Hubbie has his uses ;-) So a new purpose for those moving boxes after you unpack perhaps? Have a lovely week,
      Helen x

  2. Can I please come and live with you! Or maybe you could come here for a bit and organize me!?! ^_^ That's a fab way to organize things and looks so pretty too.XoX

    1. You are always welcome here sweetie! It's such a shame we are at opposite ends of the country or I could loan you Hubbie for the day ;-) I must admit to being somewhat in love with my yarn pegs, they are definitely worth doing!! Have a fab week XOX

  3. Love love love it!! I'm joining Steph, watch out we're coming :D
    Fab ideas & they look great, well done :)

    1. You would both be most welcome anytime Mii! Think of the fun we could have! :D Hubbie is very good at organisational stuff, maybe I should loan him out to crafty folks? Of course I would have to hitch a ride too & explore the crafty shops in their neighborhoods ;-) Have a great week, Helen x


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