Sunday, 8 January 2017

17 UFO's in 2017

Hello There!
It's been a while huh?! I'm going to give this bloggy thing another try, I know a lot of folks have given up blogging in favor of Instagram & such like & maybe there's noone really reading posts anymore but if you're still out there please drop by & say "hi!" :-)
I've been reading a few blogs recently & came across an idea which really resonated with me - 17 ufo's in 2017 . You can read all the details here but basically I have been trying to tackle some of my UFO's over the last wee while & as this new year starts I have 17 of them (!) left so this seemed made to measure for me! I'm going to join in with this & try & link up each month (although I really don't know if I'm doing the techy bit right??) anyways here's my list:
1) Snowflower diaries February ducks - cross stitched small from last year, stitching done, needs finishing off
2) Halloween sampler - cross stitch finished last year, needs finishing off
3) Little knitted hedgehog - knitted 2 (or was it 3?) years ago, needs put together
4) Yoyo pumpkin - yoyo's made, all parts cut out, needs sewn together
5) Sugar Plum fairy -  knitted 2 (I think?) years ago needs assembled
6) July table runner - pieced last year, needs quilted & bound
7) Lion for little C - partially made amigurumi started last summer
8) Posy layer cake quilt - pieced last year, hand quilting to finish
9) Spring fairy cross stitch - started 2014
10) Crochet bag - squares made April 2015
11) Popcorn bear cross stitch - started October 2013
12) The wave cross stitch - started June 2011 (my oldest UFO)
13) Stocking for little H - started for his first Christmas, he will be 5 in May!
14) Black cross stitch Christmas decorations - set of four started October 2012, one completely finished, another one and a bit now stitched
15) Rainbow stripe socks - started in October last year
16) Hermione scarf for dear daughter - the other part of the set to go with the mittens she got in 2015
17) Giant little squares of happiness blanket - started January 2015, now finally on the border!!

These are not in any order whatsoever as I haven't really set on an order to tackle them in, I've picked a few to work on first and these are number 13, number 17, and number 1. I am allowing myself three weeks per project (51 weeks of 2017 left divided by 17 =3) and where the bigger ones won't be finished in that 3 weeks I will then move on to something else on the list & count that as "substantial progress". I may come back to them later in the year, I'm not making any promises at this stage! Some of them are going to be much quicker to complete (I can see four straight off which should really only take a day if I just get on with it!!!) which will give me some extra time in theory... hahaha! Well we will see how that works out! I will report back at the end of the month with my progress at which point I hope to have before and after pics for you too...
Well I'm off to see if I can work out this linky thing and how to add the button to my blog too... Wishing you a lovely start to 2017!


  1. Hi Helen! Lovely to see you back in blogland. Hope all the health issues are resolved. 17 in 17 seems perfect for you since you have 17 ufo's....I hate to even think how many I have. I look forward to seeing you progress throughout the year.

    1. Hi Rhona! Thank you for the welcome! Things are a lot better headache wise thanks, hope all is good with you? It's amazing how the ufo's pile up isn't it? I was kinda relieved/surprised there were "only" 17! I will need to pop over & see what you're working on too, have a lovely week, Helen

  2. Hi Helen, it's so nice to read your blog again!!! :)
    Great plans for the new year, I'm sure you'll have great fun finishing off those UFOs

    1. Hi Ingrid, so lovely to hear from you! I will need to pop over & see what you have been up to... have a lovely week! :-) Helen

  3. Great list, Helen. Thanks for joining in and looking forward to seeing how your progress goes - get too with those ones that will only take a day to finish!

    1. Hi Meredithe! Thank you for organising this, I tried to get some of these finished off last year but that was obviously a roaring success lol! I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else does too - I think that will really help spur me on... have a great week,


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