Tuesday, 17 January 2017

And she lasted eight days!!!!

Hello there!
This is why I don't generally make New Year's resolutions - I don't stick to them!! I had all good intentions of not starting anything new under any circumstances for ages... of making a really big dent in that ufo list first.... and yup - I lasted eight whole days!!!!
I was being very good... I finished a WIP the morning of my last post..

January wall hanging for the kitchen wall, the applique section of a pattern by Kim Christopherson from Quilts and More magazine Winter 2014 issue. 
This was the first project using machine blanket stitch & free motion quilting on my new sewing machine - oh I am sooooo in love with her (but that is an entirely different blog post!) and whilst it is not perfect I am pretty happy with the results...  

Then rather unexpectedly I finished number 17 on my list on Tuesday...

This is my Giant Little Squares of Happiness blanket, a big version for us to keep of the Little Squares of Happy blanket I made for baby C back here. It has finished up at 53" x 79" so it is slightly smaller than my Giant Granny Stripe blanket of 2013, but still plenty big enough for several of us to snuggle under on the couch :-) I used slightly different colors in the border than for the baby blanket but the same method, you can find the tutorial for the spotty edging at the top of the page under the tutorials tab. 

On Friday I finished off number 1 on my list - Snowflower Diaries February ducks...

All the cross stitching for this was finished last Easter but it got put aside to start time sensitive projects... that seems to be something that happens pretty often round here... anyways it is finished now & will be ready to go out with my February smalls in a few weeks time. The free chart is available here  as part of Maja's Joyful World SAL - her designs are so beautiful! I stitched it on 28 count evenweave I dyed with tea & coffee using the DMC equivalent threads & finished it with polka dot fabric, lace trim, bows, & a button from my stash.

Then yesterday I finished number 15 on my list - the Rainbow Stripe socks...

With not too much effort I have managed to get the two of them almost identical...
So I am satisfied with that! The pattern is Vanilla Latte Socks available here for free & I knitted them with West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in colorway Rum Paradise. I am totally in love with this colorway & have enough left over for another sock so I see another ball of this in my near future! :-)
Four finishes in eight days? Go me!!! :-) I definitely had a bad itch to start something new but I also had a bit of a problem... (Now here come the  excuses  reasoning...) 
For most of us I think crafting has to fit around life; some days I can spend upstairs in the sewing room, some nights I need a project for sitting in front of the tv, sometimes life says "today you're sitting in the car for 8 hours" so I need something to keep me sane in that situation! Also there are two types of  "sitting in front of the tv" projects - ones I can happily work on & mainly listen to various programs, and projects that I can work on mainly by touch while really watching something. Looking down my list last night I realised I didn't have anything left on there that fitted into that last category. I had thought the blanket or the socks would take me longer to finish and I needed something to replace them. I tried working the tension square for a pair of fair isle gloves & then realised I was missing the program & anyways there is a fair isle project at number 16 on my list if I feel the need to struggle with that in front of the tv... Upstairs I have had this gorgeous yarn for almost a year waiting to become a jumper - so despite the voices yelling "you can't start a big project like that!" that is exactly what ended up happening...

I am calling it my Autumn in a Ball jumper, the yarn is James C Brett Marble Chunky in the imaginatively named colorway MC07 ;-) I'm knitting it in the round from the bottom up following this pattern but omitting all the colorwork which means that I am just going round and round in knit stitch right up to the armholes. Once I silenced those objecting voices and settled into those endless rounds it felt so perfect :-) happy place reached :-) Now this is just a wobble, I am going to be good and only pick this up when I'm watching tv & go back to that list the rest of the time... watch this space ;-)




  1. Well done for all the finishes! They all look amazing. I can completely understand about the different types of projects needed depending on what's on the TV! Love the yarn for your new start....and the pattern is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Rhona! Hubbie tries hard to be understanding but just rolled his eyes at "another" new start - guess it really is something only a fellow crafter understands! Probably one of my biggest weaknesses - there are too many irresistible colorways of yarn out there :-D oh well, not the worst vice I suppose ;-) have a lovely week! Helen

  2. So many amazing finishes. Adore that blanket & your socks are amazing. Love how you finished off the duck cross stitch & well done on the amazing quilting square. Looking forward to seeing your jumper grow.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I hope you are having a lovely week too :-) Helen

  3. Don't beat yourself up! You have been really good by finishing so many projects already :)
    I love those rainbow socks!!!

    1. Oh thank you Ingrid! I'm not even sure how I ended up with so many ufos... mustn't let it happen again! That rainbow yarn just makes me smile every time I see it so "smiley socks" are definitely worth it! Have a lovely week, Helen

  4. Love all of your finishes, but especially the blanket! Great work and congrats on all of them!

    1. Thank you Terri! Hope you are having a lovely week, Helen


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