Friday, 3 February 2017

17 ufos in 2017 - January update

Hello there!
So here we are in February already... Time for a progress report on the 17 ufos in 2017 project. In my last post I had finished off numbers 1, 15, and 17 on The List, this month I also managed to finish number 2 - the Halloween sampler designed by the Historical Sampler Company from World of Cross stitch magazine issue 246. The stitching was completed last year except for the background stitching from four of the boxes which I left off as I had some tiny buttons in my stash which I thought would be perfect instead. So my first job was to find a small needle & sew on those 44 little stars....

... then add the fabric borders & a hanging sleeve & it's all ready for hanging in October... 

I have also been working on number 16 from the list, Hermione's scarf, some of you may remember way back here when my daughter got the mittens? Well she has been very patiently waiting for the matching scarf but now there is a distinct possibility that it might be ready for her next time she's home for a visit! This is where I had left it, half way up the first pattern repeat... 

When I took it back out I decided to break this down into smaller chunks because, much as I love Fair Isle, the thought of eight pattern repeats (which should work out around 72") seemed like a HUGE NeVeR EnDiNG slog! But if I can do half a pattern repeat in a sitting then it's just fifteen sessions which seems much more doable...At the end of the month I don't have a photo for you but I do have two and a half pattern repeats done & will continue working on this through February.
But the biggest UFO I have been working on through January is number 13 from the list - the Santa stocking for Little H. It had been left where there are lots of fractionals to be worked on the 14 count navy aida - not my favorite! - and Santa was looking rather demonic...

Oh my gosh how I would really like to get this finished this year!!!! (I would also like to stitch a stocking for his smaller brother but I might be dreaming on that one ;-)) In an effort to get them done I have decided to try something different & work a rotation system with my big stitchy UFO's this year so each will come out for three weeks. Santa's three weeks are now up so I will come back to this later in the year for another three week block once I have worked on each of these bigger UFO's. So for this month I have "substantial progress" to share on number 13... 

Apart from the backstitch the top two pages are finished but most of the bottom two pages are left to do. The next big stitchy ufo on the rotation is number 9, Spring fairy, currently looking like this...

Still a long way to go! So I will be working on this & the scarf & maybe one or two other things over the next few weeks. Thank you for visiting me here today & please remember you can also go here  and here to visit the other bloggers taking part in 17 ufos in 2017- there are a huge variety of lovely projects getting finished out there!! 


  1. Helen you have been so productive!!!!
    I love the Halloween finish with all the tiny buttons - Must have been fun.... not :)
    The scarf is going to look so good, I am jealous.
    The best one has to be the Christmas stocking. Huge progress and it looks splendid already!!
    This is really working well for you, have fun.

    1. Thank you Ingrid! Yes, I must admit to wondering what I was thinking when it actually came to sewing on those buttons! ;-) It's lovely to actually be able to tick some of these things off or see progress, I'm determined to never let the UFO pile get this out of control again! Hope your week is going great :-)

  2. Wow, Helen! That's a lot of work and great progress on your projects.

    1. Thank you Meredithe! I'm determined this year to get the UFO pile under control & not let it mount up like this again! Hope you are having a lovely week,


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